Beauty Therapist Interview Preparation Guide
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Beauty Therapist based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Beauty Therapist. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

35 Beauty Therapist Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what do you think of the salon's hours and the hours that you will be working?

Remember that salon's do late nights sometimes and always work on a Saturday. It's not a straight 9-5 job.

2 :: What is your greatest strength as Beauty Therapist?

Talking about your strengths is definitely easier than discussing weaknesses! The trick is to tie your answer to the beauty industry and the specific job you're applying for. Know what the company prides itself on and use that in your answer. Give specific examples, including facts and figures, of a time or times you've used your strength to bolster or save a project.

Example: "Time management and organization are my greatest strengths. As a result, all my projects are completed at least five days early. At my last job, I came into a department with frequent cost overruns and project delays. By the time I left, the department had gone from losing $50,000 a year to being the most profitable unit of the company. The beauty industry recognized it last year with the RST award."

3 :: How many carpal bones are there in one hand and where would you locate them?

There are 8 carpal bones in each hand, and they can be found on the wrist.

4 :: Please tell me why do you think you will make a good beauty therapist?

Obviously you need to be answering that you feel you can make people feel and look good as one of your points.

5 :: What is the function of the cuticle?

The cuticle is a thin layer of skin that covers the nail plate and the nail root, just before the nail surfaces. It brings the skin and the nail plate together to provide a waterproof barrier.

6 :: Tell me some stuff about yourself?

You walk into the interview room, shake hands with your interviewer and sit down with your best interviewing smile on. Guess what their first question is? "Tell me about yourself."

Do you "wing it" and actually tell all manner of things about yourself? Will you spend the next 5 minutes rambling on about what an easy-going, loyal, dedicated, hard working employee you've been? If this is the case, you stand a good chance of having bored your interviewer to death thus creating a negative first impression.

7 :: What is the name for the knee bone?

The name for the knee bone is the Femur.

8 :: Explain how will you keep up to date with new products?

Magazines, trends, from your Manager/Company.

9 :: What is the function of the nail plate?

The nail plate acts as a shield for the tissue underneath the nail bed.

10 :: Is this job a childhood dream or something you just fell into?

Although this wasn't exactly a childhood dream, it was something that I fancied doing from my late teens. I finally trained at the age of 25 - you can start at any time!