Cosmetologist Interview Preparation Guide
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Cosmetologist related Frequently Asked Questions in various Cosmetologist job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

54 Cosmetologist Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you have any experience with men's hair styles?

Yes I do I have worked on mens hair cute for few years now. Its a hair cute I enjoy very much.

2 :: What is your ideal company to style hair for? What makes them ideal?

I would love to work for a ABC salon because I love the products. Basically, any salon I can be myself and enjoy what I'm doing is ideal.

3 :: Do you consider yourself a team player as Cosmetologist?

Being a team player in a salon is a strength. Everyone is there to make money, for themselves and for the salon. It takes a village. If you are highly self absorbed by nature start working on that issue. You will need help in a salon and you will be called upon to help others. So if this question is asked and you are NOT a team player, meaning you prefer to work alone, fake it.

I'm not saying lie to the interviewer but you need them to know you ARE a team player. Saying you prefer to work alone in a salon environment will disqualify you. So YES, you are a team player, and you will consciously work on it in the salon. Think of a time when you worked as a team on any project. Write it in your notebook with an example of how you helped the team, just in case you are asked for one. Your beauty career will mostly be a team sport.

4 :: What are your goals for the future as Cosmetologist?

A manager would like to see that you have thought about your future and what direction your beauty career is headed.

The only wrong answer here would be "I don't know." However, she is looking for your professional goals rather than your personal goals.

If you want to someday own a salon talk about the path you intend to take. Let her know that you desire to be in management to gain the experience.

No one expects you to have your life plan laid out already. But she would like a general idea of your direction. If you really just don't know pick the hair activity you like the most and make a tentative goal of it. For example you may like doing color. You could say, "I love doing highlights and learning coloring techniques. I plan on becoming a master colorist within the next 2 years and then see where that takes me."

5 :: What excites you about designing hair styles?

Its fun, and exciting being able to see their reaction and how they feel when its all done. Also i love seeing the end results and how much you can change things and how drastic or not drastic you can make things and just how much of a difference it can make

6 :: Explain what are your principal duties and/or responsibilities?

They are to teach my students the basic skills of cosmetology, meaning personal hygiene, hair and nail care, while helping them reach their full learning potential.

7 :: Why do you want to work for us? or Why do you want this job as Cosmetologist?

They are looking for your motivation here. Are you driven by your passion? OR...Are you looking for a place to just get a paycheck? If you love your work you would be an asset to the salon. If you are just trying to find a job anywhere there is no indication to a manager that you are a good fit on her team. Show them that your values, desires, passion and the direction you intend to take your beauty career are in line with the salon culture. For example, Paige is passionate about hairstyling and updo's. Her resume will state this. Going to work in a male grooming salon would not be a good fit for her and the salon manager would recognize that Paige probably wouldn't feel fulfillment only working on men. If she were to hire Paige she knows that Paige most likely won't stay long.

Answer this question by proving you are a good fit in her salon. State what you are passionate about and where you would like to grow your skills. Acknowledge their salon culture in a positive way by giving her a compliment on an element of the salon. Then say how they are everything you want in a salon.

8 :: Where do you see yourself in 5 years as Cosmetologist?

Hiring a new employee is an investment on the part of the salon. It takes time and money to train a new hire. Stylist retention is important to owners. Losing stylists means losing clients. In a way, this question is asking "Are you worth the investment?"

That being said, ambition is a virtue.

And again, the only wrong answer is "I don't know."

Tell her how you see your professional life growth, not personal. She doesn't want to hear how you are going to be married with a new house and 2 kids, one boy, one girl.

9 :: Tell me what styles do you prefer not to work on?

I enjoy making people look their best. Whatever style needs to be done I have no problem doing. However, I really love coloring hair. It's fun to see the finished product and how you can completely change someones look.

10 :: Tell me how do you interact with customers?

I actually have a good attitude and put on a smile. I try to help them and try to see what kind of personality they have and work with that.