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Tell us what tools, you think are more helpful?


The degree and frequency to which a management performs the analysis of a company decides the success or failure in a business. Using business analysis tools can help greatly in increasing productivity and efficiency of work which will lead to business success. Some of the tools which are popular and usually used by Business analyst are:

☛ • ERP system – This system gathers information from accounting system, inventory records, sales performance and other key elements of your business. Having this information at your fingertips completes the prime step in performing regular business analysis to see if your company is operating efficiently. It also helps in identifying potential problems which can be worked on.

☛ • Microsoft Word – Microsoft word is another important tool which almost every business analyst uses. MS word is very handy in preparing requirements specification documents in absence of Requirement Management Tools. Templates can be created for the documentation of software requirements. Through MS word you can even set preferred fonts, apply your company’s theme, embed external objects such as a Visio diagrams or Excel worksheets, etc.

☛ • Microsoft Excel – Excel is one of the most powerful tools when you require any kind of Data analysis on the job. With MS Excel you can create pivot tables, examine trends in the data, sort and filter data, create charts or graphs, etc. It provides many built-in mathematical and financial functions that can help in analysis.

☛ • Balsamiq – It is a very useful tool through which you can create wireframes quickly in brainstorming sessions. It is also useful for getting immediate feedback from stakeholders. Business analysts and designers use this category of tools for creating mockups which can be converted into actual designs after signing off.

☛ • Rational Requisite Pro – It is one of the most important Requirements Management tools. Working on a large project in a business analyst team will require a concrete tool for managing your requirements. It provides the functionality of Word processing along with the capability to sort and query data using a dynamic database. Tracing requirements along with their changes and prioritize them for implementation becomes easy with this tool.

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Tell me what do you see as the key skills of a business analyst?Think of a good decision you made and a recent decision that wasn't good. What did you do differently in making these decisions?