Crime Scene Analyst Question:
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Tell me is your job like the CSI show on television?


Yes and No. We are fortunate in that we are provided with state of the art equipment. We have most of what is shown on television, and we perform a lot of the same functions as seen. However, our agency does not have lab capabilities. We document the scene, process for latent fingerprints and collect evidence. All laboratory analysis is performed at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab. Additionally, all our technicians are civilians, they do not conduct interviews nor do they have arrest powers. And finally, it is not as glamorous or as easy as it is on television. The actors and actresses never get dirty and always complete the crime scene documentation, the entire investigation, the autopsy, and lab analysis all in one hour. It is not uncommon for us to spend ten or twelve hours at a homicide scene just documenting the scene, processing for latent fingerprints, and collecting evidence.

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