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► 1.Name some of basis steps associatted with the configuration of SRM?
► 2. Why do you configure number ranges in SRM?
► 3. What number ranges to be configured in SRM?
► 4. Why do you create internal number ranges for Local bid invitations?
► 5. What is difference between SRM Vendor list and Sourse list from R/3?
► 6. How do you define the ITS URL?
► 7. What is SRM equalent terminology for Material group material master?
► 8. If you want to replicate only a subset of material group to SRM Product categories? how it can be accomplished?
► 9. In disconnected mode how many local system should be connected / defined?
► 10. How often must be define Org unit address?
► 11. Is there any thing special about replicating vendors in the org plan?
► 12. What are some of non –MM objects, that must be replicated in SRM system?
► 13. If you are replicating from R/3 back end , and some thing is stuck in the queue in R/3 , WHAT CAN YOU DO?
► 14. What you can do to see if you have a queue in EBP?
► 15. Is there is any thing in particular that needs to be done to a user or vendor to make them a valid part of SRM? ANS : Bussiness partner of organaisation unit does not exists .
► 16. What purpose does SRM Org structure serve?
► 17. What are some of the most important attributes assigned in the org structure, and what are there purposes?
► 18. What is the purposes of forword work item attribute ( forword_wi )?
► 19. What is the significance of product category is in SRM?
► 20. How do you make catalogue link appear for a user?
► 21. Do vendors exists in SRM system? Or do you use the back end vendors?
► 22. What is the T-code used to replicate vendor master from back end in SRM?
► 23. How do you know if shopping cart generate a PR or PO?
► 24. How do you control which catalogs a user sees?
► 25.How can you automate vendor replicate in SRM?
► 26. How does SRM maintain synchronization with the back end R/3 system?
► 27. Can tax calculation can be disabled?
► 28. Why should I mark the standard approval work flows as a general task?
► 29 What is the purchasing organization hierarchy?
► 30. What is the middleware used for?
► 31. How do you define logical systems for initial download?
► 32. What is purpose of a document type? How does this apply to PR? To PO?
► 33. How are the product categories represented in R3?

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If we replicated a vendor from R/3 to SRM and assigned to wrong Account grp/purcase organisation.
How can we Correct it(assign to correct Account grp/purcase organisation)?
What Does SRM Stand For?