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Conduct during Recruitment Analyst Interview:


► Don't accept coffee, tea or even water even if it is offered; having a drink is a distraction you don't really need right now.

► Show enthusiasm for your present job (even if you are not that excited about it).

► Listen carefully to the question asked. Pause for a moment before answering. Paraphrase the question if you are not sure you understood it.

► If you don't understand the question, ask for it to be repeated.

► Make sure that by the end of the interview you've gotten across your strongest skills or characteristics. Be specific about them. It is always a good idea to prove your expertise and personal skills by giving examples.

► Leave the interview with a good closing impression -- a firm handshake, a smile, good eye contact, a "Thank You", and a closing statement like, "I am very interested in this position," or "When can I expect to hear from you?"

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