Beauty Salon Operator Question:
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Can you tell us how Would You Handle It If a Client Is Dissatisfied with Your Work?


When you work in a creative profession, it can be difficult when a client feels you’ve failed to give them what they wanted. Explain to the interviewer that because of your thorough consultation process, you do not anticipate having a dissatisfied customer. However, if a customer were to dislike their results, you would follow salon policy for managing the situation. If the interviewer asks what you would do if there were no policy in place, be diplomatic. Explain that you would offer to restyle the client’s hair or offer additional services to make any changes the client requests. If you failed to give the customer what they wanted, say you’d offer a refund. If the customer had unrealistic expectations, explain you would do whatever you could to make them happy that day, but that you would not offer any money back on the services. Be careful to balance a response that makes the customer happy, and keeps the salon in the black.

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