Female Beautician Question:
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Describe a difficult work situation and how you handled it?


You will always be faced with challenges in the work place, especially in your beauty career. A manager wants to feel comfortable that you can handle a delicate situation in a professional, tactful and logical manner.

You should show off here. Think of something that happened in a previous job where you made lemonade out of lemons. Make yourself look like the hero!

E.G. A toddler got sick in the aisle of PetSmart. The child was throwing up and crying and the mother was flustered. The mother was concerned for her child but embarrassed by the situation. I ran and got a lot of paper towels to immediately cover up the mess. I also brought a clean, damp towel for the mom to clean the baby. I stayed with them and helped mom get her child and her bag to the car easily. I then cleaned up the mess as quickly as possible. She later called the store and told my manager that she appreciated how I had helped her to her car with her sick baby and that she posted it on Facebook so others would know we had great customer service at our store.

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