dot Net Database Interview Preparation Guide
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dot Net Database Frequently Asked Questions in various .Net Database Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn dot Net Database with the help of this .Net Database Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any .Net Database Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

23 dot Net Database Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is State?

Four type of states are as under:
1.Application state
2.Session state
3.Cookie state
4.View state.

2 :: What is differences between framework 1.0 and framework 1.1?

1. Native Support for Developing Mobile Web Applications
2. Unified Programming Model for Smart Client Application Development
3. Enable Code Access Security for ASP.NET Applications
4. Native Support for Communicating with ODBC and Oracle Databases
5. Supports for IPv6

3 :: Explain What are the types of cookies are there?

There are two types of cookies

4 :: Explain What is Task?

Whenever you execute a program, the operating system creates a new task for it. The task is like an envelope for the program. It identifies the program with a task number and attaches other bookkeeping information to it.

5 :: Explain What is indexing?

An index
1. is sorted by key values, (that need not be the same as those of the table)
2. is small, has just a few columns of the table.
3. refers for a key value to the right block within the table.
4. speeds up reading a row, when you know the right search arguments.

6 :: Explain atleast three methods of response object other than Redirect?

a) Response.Clear( )
Clears the content of the current output stream.
b) Response.Close( )
Closes the network socket for the current response.
c) Response.End( )
Stops processing the current request and sends all buffered content to the client immediately.

7 :: How to deploy an application?

We can deploy an ASP.NET Web application using any one of the following three deployment options.

a) Deployment using VS.NET installer
b) Using the Copy Project option in VS .NET
c) XCOPY Deployment

8 :: Explain What is the maximum length of a varchar in SQL Server?

Null-terminated Unicode character string of length n,
with a maximum of 255 characters. If n is not supplied, then 1 is assumed.

9 :: Explain an execution plan? When would you use it? How would you view the execution plan?

The Query Analyzer has a feature called Show Execution Plan. This option allows you to view the execution plan used by SQL Servers Query Optimizer to actually execute the query. This option is available from the Query menu on the main menu of Query Analyzer, and must be turned on before the query is executed. Once the query is executed, the results of the execution plan are displayed in graphical format in a separate window, available from a tab that appears below the query results window on the screen.

10 :: Explain atleast two methods of response object other than Transfer?

a) Response.ClearContent( )
Clears the content of the current output stream.
b) Response.ClearHeaders( )
Clears the HTTP headers from the current output stream.