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9 Reporting Services Questions and Answers:

2 :: Explain what are data-driven subscriptions?

Simple reporting service with ASP.Net as Front. We can define our own Date timing for the subscriptions of the Reports without using Enterprise Version of SQL Server 2000.

3 :: Does QTP supports ssrs automation?

QTP 11 supports Web Services automation

4 :: What is Report Designer?

Supports the report creation phase of the report lifecycle. It is an add-on tool for any edition of Visual Studio .NET 2003, suitable for both programmers and non-programmers.

5 :: What is Report Server?

Provides services for execution and distribution of reports.

6 :: What is Report Manager?

A Web-based administration tool for managing the Report Server.

7 :: Explain the Reporting Services components?

Reporting service includes three core components

1. A set of tools that can be used to create, manage and view reports

2. A report server component that host and processes reports in veriety of formats.

3. An API that allows you to integrate or extend data and report processing in application, or to create custom tools to build or manage reports.

8 :: What is Reporting Services?

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is server-based reporting platform similar to Crystal reports, Brio which allow you to create tabular, matrix, graphical, and free-form reports from most of the databases.

Reporting Services provides a complete set of services and tools. This comes with reporting portal which can be used to manage Reporting for creating, publishing and managing reports. Reporting Services supports databases that has .NET provider, OLE DB and ODBC. Reporting Services provides centralized report storage and management and Security.

9 :: Tell me how does the report manager work in SSRS?

1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

2. In the address bar of the Web browser, type the Report Manager URL. By default, the URL is http:///reports.