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Microsoft Mixed Frequently Asked Questions in various Mixed Microsoft Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Microsoft Mixed with the help of this Mixed Microsoft Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Mixed Microsoft Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

14 Microsoft Mixed Questions and Answers:

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Latest  Microsoft Mixed Job Interview Questions and Answers
Latest Microsoft Mixed Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: Define and explain COM?

COM is the component Object Model is a system whch creates application which are binary form that is language independent , object oriented ,modular and reusable .

2 :: What is the tag Code Base and why do we use it?

No idea please update with your answer

7 :: Explain The three file types in NT?

NTFS, FAT & FAT 32 are the file systems of NT.

8 :: How can we have different number of cells for each row of a table?

By setting the columnSpan property for cells of each row as required.

9 :: How to create Drop Down Combos in HTML using select Tag?

Drop dowm can done through

<select name="sel">

10 :: Explain Marshalling?

Marshalling is the process of gathering data from one or more applications or non-contiguous sources in computer storage, putting the data pieces into a message buffer, and organizing or converting the data into a format that is prescribed for a particular receiver or programming interface.

11 :: What are The three tags of a form tag in HTML form?

Actually we have <html></html>
and <body> and <form>tags we have.

12 :: Design a divide-by-3 sequential circuit with 50% duty circle?

Use Johnson Counter with three Flipflops.
Since the output will be divided by 6,give 2f as input.
then u will get f/3.

13 :: Explain IUnknown and what are its three parts?

The COM interface class from which all other interface classes are derived. This interface allows all COM objects to manage their own lifetime, ie, to release themselves from memory when they are no longer connected to any clients.

14 :: Explain When is Marshalling not necessary?

Marshalling is the process of packaging and sending interface method parameters across thread, process or machine boundaries.

It is not necessary when the client and the server are on the same computer.
Microsoft Mixed Interview Questions and Answers
14 Microsoft Mixed Interview Questions and Answers