VB .Net Interview Preparation Guide
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VB .Net Interview Questions and Answers guide to get preparation of VB .Net Jobs Interview or Learn the basic and advance concepts of VB .NET Programming by our VB .Net Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

69 VB .Net Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the use of console application?

Console Applications are command-line oriented applications that allow us to read characters

from the console, write characters to the console and are executed in the DOS version. Console
Applications are written in code and are supported by the System. Console namespace.

2 :: How VB Implements the Disconnected Architecture as like VB.Net?

In VB to implement a disconnected recordset, after you have filled the recordset with the data, set its active connection property to "Nothing". That breaks the connection to the database. You can locally also save the data of the recordset by using its Save function.

3 :: What is the difference between .dll extension and .exe extension files?

The main difference between .dll and .exe is

.dll is the In process component where it take up the client's memory space to run. So the communication between the application and component(dll) is very fast.

.EXE is the Out of process component. It uses its own memory(not application memory) to run the component. The communication between the application and component is slow when compared to .dll

4 :: What is the base class of .net?

System. Object is the base class of .NET

It Supports

all classes in the .NET Framework class hierarchy and provides low-level services to derived classes. This is the ultimate super class of all classes in the .NET Framework; it is the root of the type hier

5 :: How to store and retrieve images in SQL server database through VB.NET?

Image file can be save in SQL server as a byte. Henceforth, the image is convert to a stream of byte using the IO.Memory Stream. This stream of byte can be save in a table with image data type.

6 :: What is different between Web.Config and Machine.Config and Where it will be ?

The settings made in the web.config file are applied to that particular web application only whereas the settings of machine.config file are applied to the whole asp.net application.

7 :: Differences between VB.Net and C#, related to OOPS concepts

VB.NET is a windows application where as C# is a console.

8 :: What is non_deterministic finalization?

The Finalize method is actually executed by the runtime on a special thread allocated by the Garbage Collector (GC).The Finalize method is executed whenever the runtime feels it is appropriate, such as when a low-resource condition occurs and this situation is often referred to as non-deterministic finalization.

9 :: How do you define a read only property in a class module?

Public Class YourClass
Private yourName As String
Private yourNumber As Decimal

Public Sub New(breed As String)
yourName = breed
End Sub

Public ReadOnly Property Name() As String
Return yourName
End Get
End Property

10 :: What is the source code for display the picture in button click event?

PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile("C:olympics08_basketball.gif")