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22 Dot Net Framework Questions and Answers:

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Latest  Dot Net Framework Job Interview Questions and Answers
Latest Dot Net Framework Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: What is a mvc in

ASP.NET MVC is a part of the ASP.NET Web application framework

Model: The model contains the core information for an
application. This includes the data and validation rules as
well as data access and aggregation logic.

View: The view encapsulates the presentation of the
application, and in ASP.NET this is typically the HTML markup.

Controller: The controller contains the control-flow logic.
It interacts with the Model and Views to control the flow of
information and execution of the application.

2 :: In which testing using in .net framwork?

Nunit framework

3 :: What are abstract classes? what is overriding?

A class that contains on one or more abstract functions is
known as abstract class.
we can not instantiate abstract class directly.first we have
to create a derived class and then we can instantiate.

4 :: What is .NET?

.Net is NOT a programing Language.

Its software bundle or collection of software its support
more than 40 languages(,c#,j#,ASP.NET ans etc)

5 :: Can Static Constructor be Overloaded? Justify it?

Its not possible to overload static constructor because
static constructor are parameterless constructor.

6 :: can we change the page layout in ASP.NET 2.0 as grid layout like in the previous version?

Yes From The IDE of Visual Studio net
There is Option by which you can change the layout of your
Select Tool Menu Item then
Select Option Item in Tool Menu then
in CSS Positioning then
Then Select Changed Positioning and
Select select the Absolutely Positioned then Press OK

7 :: What’s the advantage of using System.Text.StringBuilder over System.String?

1.Its a class used to handle strings.
2.Here concatenation is used to combine two strings.
3.String object is used to concatenate two strings.
4.The first string is combined to the other string by
creating a new copy in the memory as a string object, and
then the old
string is deleted
5.we say "Strings are immutable".

String Builder..
1.This is also the class used to handle strings.
2.Here Append method is used.
3.Here, Stringbuilder object is used.
4.Insertion is done on the existing string.
5.Usage of StringBuilder is more efficient in case large
amounts of string manipulations have to be performed

8 :: When i am using Ajax controls (update panel), Is page events all are executed or only some events are executed? which page events are executed?

only page event executed..why because if u write a update
panel for which control event u want executed so that one
only executed

9 :: How to bind table colum with gridview column?

you use gridview content click event, in this you do like that

if (dgvCustomers.CurrentRow.Index != -1)
if (dgvCustomers.CurrentCell.OwningColumn.Name == "eventype")
if (Convert.ToString(dgvCustomers.CurrentCell.Value) ==
{"Hello World ..."); }
MessageBox.Show("Hi its amit" );

10 :: How to update one of my table in database at 4pm every day how it is possible?

if your application is in run under the server system then
take the server time,that time is equal to 4pm then write
the update query of the selected table and field.

11 :: What is shadowing?

shadowing in general is when two variables/methods or any
other element has same name and any one of the both can
shadow( in OOP case override) the behavior of other.

12 :: How to Insert a TextBox value in to Sql database using C#.Net coding?

assign the textbox valuu to a string than using sqlcommand
in c# writing insert querry . insert the value into the
ex; sqlcommand cmd=new sqlcommand("insert into emp values

13 :: What happened when type url in address bar and press enter?

the url is break into four parts(i.e. ip addresses)first is
protocol in use,2nd host name or ip addr,3rd protocol port
no.,4th actual file path

14 :: Can we change web.config settings from iis?

Yes authority and authentication settings of the
application can be changed with iis. plus we can also
change the connection property and start page setting from

15 :: Who handles these error while writing the source code?

Suppose i am writing code in .net e.g
int i=10
then .net show me red line under the code where error
occurs.we know the i have not apply semicolon at the end of
syntax(int i=10;)

16 :: Where The Inheritence is useful? How we decide the situation of inheritence?

Mostly inheritance requires in large classes where every
time searching and writing of same data is impossible. That
case requires us to define some inherited functions methods
n classes.Whenver they required they simply inherited from
inheritance class where they are already defined along with
their functionality to handling some other data pieces.

17 :: What is CLR? How does work CLR & wht is work of CLR?

CLR- common language runtime.. clr in .net is equivalent to jvm in java. garbage collection,sode access security, code verification, intermediate language are work sof clr..
it uses jit to compile intermediate language code to machine code.

18 :: What is .net framwork?

FRAMEWORK : it is a collection of all the tools and utilities required to execute the .net managed application on particular platform.

19 :: Explain unit test done by tester on development team?

Yes, Ideal practice is, the basic unit test should be
written by the developer. Further in scenario vice test
cases and more complext test cases must be written by WBT
(White box testing) team.

20 :: What is Reflection in .NET?

Reflection is the feature in .Net, which enables us to get
some information about object in runtime. That information
contains data of the class. Also it can get the names of
the methods that are inside the class and constructors of
that object.

21 :: What is namespace?

Namespace is a logical container for all types i.e
class, enum, struct, interface etc..

Namespace is used in two scenarios:
1. to overcome the naming collision
2. to group related items together
Dot Net Framework Interview Questions and Answers
22 Dot Net Framework Interview Questions and Answers