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Crystal Reports frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Crystal Reports. So get preparation for the Crystal Reports job interview

22 Crystal Reports Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to print two details fields at the bottom of the page?

Add a new Details section to the report and place the two
fields in it and by selecting the format option for this
Details1 section you can find the option like Print at bottom
of the page

2 :: Is there a way to be able to change an image(company logo) dynamically in a report? Example if you have 100 reports, and with the market uncertainty if you anticipate that the company logo might change, how can you change the image just in one place and have this reflected in all the reports at run time?

Yes,there is a way.User may create a word document,embed
the required image as a picture object in it and then embed
this word document inturn into Crystal reports(as a linked
OLE object).

Any change in the word document would reflect in all he
reports using this word doc.

3 :: What are field expressions and what are the diff types? (I looked this up in the internet and never found anything with regards to types of field expressions)?

This was to confuse you further.There are formula
fields,database fields,sql expression fields,paramter
fileds etc and nothing like expression fields.

4 :: How to open subreport in New IE window using hyperlink button. I used target=new; in the formula field. But it overrides the main window and show the report?

I use (javascript) to open my report in a new
window. What I prefer to do now is to export the report
right away and open it in portable document format.

5 :: Where is the image located, after youve placed it on the report?

1.actually it depends on the type of ole implementation u r
doing i.e. static , embedded or linked. (refer 3)
2. An OLE object is, a presentation of data that was
created in another application and that maintains a
relationship with the application that was used to create
it. A bitmap created in Paint, an Excel
spreadsheet, or a graph from MS Graph may all be OLE
objects if they are inserted in the receiving document as
OLE objects. If they are not inserted as OLE objects, they
retain no relationship with the original application.

Static object
A static OLE object is a picture of an object that can be
displayed and
printed, but not edited in place. It does not have a
connection to a server
application. There are two kinds of static objects: static
bitmaps and static
• Embedded object
An embedded object contains a representation of the object,
as well as
information that defines the content. It does not have a
connection to the
original object in the server document. As a general rule,
use embedded
objects when you need to edit the object independently of
the original
server document.
• Linked object
A linked object contains a representation of the data and a
link to the file
where it originated. As a general rule, use linked objects
when the data in
the server document is changing and you want the object in
your report to
be updated when you open the report.

8 :: When looking at the join types in Crystal - what does it mean when you coose Enforce and Enforce To or Enforce From?

Version 10 introduced the capability to enforce link created in report. Enforcing a link between two tables ensures that the report's respective SQL uses this link, regardless of whether fields are required from one or both the involved tables.
The default setting is unenforced links, meaning that Crystal Reports uses the link only if the report's respective SELECT statement requires it.
You can access the different enforcement option by right-clicking on a link and selecting the link Options menu item.

9 :: How to create crystal reports in .net?

Select new item add page will be
generated.In asp page u need to add crystal report viewer
In aspx page follow the below code.....
ReportDocument rpt=new ReportDocument()
..Fill the type dataset with ur required data.
rpt.Load(server.mappath("crystareport name"))
CRV10.ReportSource = rpt;
after that switch to crystal report form and add dataset to
the report using databse expert......

10 :: Suppose I have a crystal report with a linked subreport as well. is there any way not to print the current record on the main report if no records are returned from the subreport?

yes, we can achieve that using shared variables as
mentioned already. however, should also make sure that the
subreport values should come to the primary report before
the section you have records on..