Waiter Interview Preparation Guide
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Waiter related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Waiter. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

58 Waiter Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me why would you make a good addition to the team?

Where do you fit in? Serving is a team effort, so your prospective employer needs to know that can work well with others. They also need to know that you can integrate yourself quickly into your new role. Give an answer that explains how much you value teamwork, and that you can fit in quickly. Here is an answer that fulfills both criteria:

"I'm a team player and a quick learner. Each shift I will try to contribute more to help my coworkers than I ask in return. I think I can still learn a few things from the servers already here, but also hope that I can contribute a bit as well. I hope that as I improve my own skills, others will improve theirs as well."

2 :: Tell me why did you leave your last serving job?

It was my third job at the time, and i just wasnt making enough there to compensate for the long drive to the establishment.

3 :: Tell me would you say you are a people person?

Yes I would say I was a people person. I truly enjoy working with people as part or a team and meeting new people. I also really enjoy that being is the hospitality service industry that meeting new people on a daily basis is part of your job.

4 :: Tell me have you ever had difficulty with a kitchen member? How did you work out the problem?

New girl was slow on the coffee machine when there was a large queue. Quickly had to re-evaluate the situation and move the staff around to positions we were better suited to so as to keep up with the influx of customers.

5 :: Explain a Situation in which You Helped a Difficult Customer?

As with any business, restaurant patrons will sometimes have complaints and it will likely be your responsibility to resolve them. Perhaps a steak was underdone; perhaps another member of the wait staff was rude or unkind to the customer. Whether or not the example you can provide is directly related to the restaurant business is often irrelevant. For example, "When I worked in retail sales, I once assisted a woman who had purchased a defective product. Although she had to go through the manufacturer for a replacement which made the process difficult, I walked her through it each step of the way to achieve a resolution" is a perfect answer.

6 :: Explain me why did you leave your last job, or why are you looking to leave your current job?

Never say anything negative about your past or current waitress positions. You can talk about how you are looking to expand your knowledge and experience and that this job would allow for that. If you were working at more of a chain restaurant and interviewing at an independently owned restaurant you could talk about the uniqueness and how you would rather be working for an individual instead of a corporation, etc.

7 :: Explain me something about teamwork?

One will not appoint only for a specific role, they promote you for different roles where you need to work with a team, in that case how do you manage, this is what exactly the interview checks keenly while doing interview. You can answer like this I have a bit of knowledge about this field but I take help from my co-employees and develop myself in serving the customers. Also I will be there to help my team whenever they need my help. Tell them how can you integrate yourself in the team and work for the organization. Tell them how fun it is to work with team and enjoy the workplace environment.

8 :: Can you please explain what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Most commonly these strengths and weakness list of questions are asked for the sake of understanding the level of hard work that a candidate can put out . And the candidate must keep in mind that while answering such question they need to present a set of strengths and weakness which cannot be questioned in future terms. Sometimes the employers confuse the candidate by tricking them inside the answers they have already given.

9 :: Tell me are you a Multi Tasker?

There are some situations in the restaurants when a waitress need to handle more than work under certain situations. For that purpose the employer needs to hire such candidates in the restaurant who can handle more than one work when there is a crisis situation. Obtaining the qualities of a Multitasker can bring a candidate the position of waitress as it is required in the job description. Therefore, while answering such question the candidate needs to keep in mind that if they really need that job, then they are supposed to be Multi Tasker.

10 :: Explain us what is your greatest strength?

Where do you shine? What sets you apart from other people up for your position? There's no place for modesty here. Emphasize your strengths with all the gusto you can muster. But remember, while it's okay to push the envelope a little, never tell an outright lie. A good answer might sound something like this:

"I have enough experience in the restaurant business that very little can throw me off. Even when things get crazy, I'm able to stay cool and calm, hopefully setting an example for others. Not that I'm any less busy than my coworkers, but I know how to remain focused and get the job done."