Bartending Interview Preparation Guide
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Bartender based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Bartending. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

65 Bartending Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me in a bar full of customers, how do you decide on priority?

I usually go from left to right while acknowledging to all customers that I am working on their orders. In some situations, I even work on first-come-first served basis.

2 :: Tell me can you work on rotating shifts?

Yes! I am enthusiastically willing to work during nights and weekends.

3 :: Tell me when you go above and beyond for a customer and they don't tip well, how do you handle it?

Well it certainly is the customers right decide for themselves how much they will tip the bartender. I would probably review my service and interactions with that person in my head to make sure I weren't at fault in some way, but other than that, there is no sense lingering on such a non issue. I accept that tips are not gauranteed and that not every customer is a good tipper; as a good bartender, I feel I owe the guest good service regardless.

4 :: Tell me how do you use your time on a slow shift?

I am equally comfortable with slower periods as I am with busy times. During busy times its important to provide guests with efficient friendly service while maintaining an ambiance but you dont have much time to build repiore with your customers. Slow times allow you the opportunity to build the relationships that turn casual customers into regulars. One of my favorite parts of being a bartender is knowing my customers feel genuinely cared for.

5 :: Explain what techniques do you use to upsell?

If some one ask for a drink and spent prefer them brand then ask them if they like it with premium liquiors. Also , u ca also tell them it's a spread more but taste a lot better.

6 :: Explain how do you engage with customers while making and serving drinks?

This is difficult to do because you need to divide your attention. In order to do this well it requires muscle memory so you act without thinking and can listen and respond in a conversation.

7 :: Tell me do you object to taking a drug test?

This question may seem like it has a straight-forward answer, but really, it doesn't. In fact, while we don't mean any disrespect to Bob the Bar Guy, this seems like a particularly odd request for bartender interviews.

Of course you want drug-free employees in the workplace, but since you're running a bar, a drug test doesn't make much sense. According to, while urinalysis tests are particularly sensitive to marijuana, they aren't as effective at reporting recent harder drug use, and they don't show alcohol results at all. You could be hiring an alcoholic as a bartender, and your drug test would do nothing to warn you of that.

8 :: Tell me why Do You Like Bartending?

Because I think it's important. After a weeks work, people need somewhere to unwind so they can to do it all over again the following week. Bars are where a lot of people go to do that, and seeing as they're willing to spend the money they worked all week for, I think it's really important that they're given great service. I get a kick out of providing that service.

9 :: How to make a Negroni?

I'd use 1 part Tanqueray - because I like to use a premium gin, but nothing as distinct as Hendricks or Tanq 10 where you're just going to lose the flavour when you add the Campari - I'd use 1 part Campari - Aperol is an ok substitute, but it's just not the real thing - and then I'd use 1 part Cinzano Rosso - I think it has a bolder flavour than Martini Rosso, so it'll stand out better in a cocktail. I'd put all that into a double rocks glass, easy ice, and then with a cocktail stirrer give it a good stir for about 15 seconds, so the customer gets the well mixed, well balanced cocktail they expect when they order a Negroni. Then I'd finish it off with an orange twist.

10 :: Explain me about a difficult customer you had to handle and what you did to resolve the situation?

Have a story ready from your first job. For example, your first burger flipping job during high school when you were trying to save up for college. Let's say that you had a customer that came in and always wanted to special order a burger - and it was always during peak times when you were busy in the kitchen which slowed everything down. So, you talked to the customer and made him a deal. You told him that as soon as you saw him come in, you would start his special order burger with the next set of meat you put on the grill. He would simply order the same way and then step to the side and wait for his burger. This way, I was able to start his special order when I was ready and it didn't take a half hour for him to explain his order and for the cashier to find a way to punch it in.