Waitress Interview Preparation Guide
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Waitress related Frequently Asked Questions in various Waitress job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

62 Waitress Questions and Answers:

1 :: Name a time when you had to deal with a conflict between staff members (i.e. verbal dispute or two people not getting along) and how did you manage this dispute?

The answer to this question can give great insight into what kind of person you'll be dealing with and what style they have.
You could also ask this question in a more direct way. Give a scenario (maybe a scenario that has actually happened in the restaurant) and ask how they would have handled it or how they would handle it if it happens to them in the near future.

2 :: Tell me how do you gauge the success of a restaurant?

By seeing their definition of a successful restaurant I can gain an understanding of their priorities or, at the very least, see if their mentality is in alignment with ours. Some people might think a successful restaurant is one that is a James Beard award winner while others define success as a strong and respectful team that provides excellent service on a regular basis.

3 :: As a Waitress, how do you feel about working on your feet for long periods of time?

Staying on one's feet comes with the territory and doesn't really bother me. My work is demanding so it keeps me on my toes, taking the edge off feeling tired.

4 :: Explain me a little bit about yourself?

This is probably the most asked question in an interview. It breaks the ice and gets you to talk about something you should be fairly comfortable with. Have something prepared that doesn't sound rehearsed. It's not about you telling your life story and quite frankly, the interviewer just isn't interested. Unless asked to do so, stick to your education, career and current situation. Work through it chronologically from the furthest back to the present.

5 :: Tell us are you applying for other jobs?

If you are serious about changing jobs then it is likely that you are applying to other positions. It is also a way of showing that you are in demand. Be honest but don't go into too much detail; you don't want to spend a great deal of time on this. If asked about names of who you have spoken to, it is absolutely legitimate to say you prefer not to disclose that information at this stage.

6 :: Explain are you willing to travel or relocate if necessary?

This is something you need to have very clear in your mind prior to the meeting. There is no point in saying yes just to get the job if the real answer is actually no. Just be honest as this can save you problems arising in the future.

7 :: What experience do you have as Waitress?

I have experience working in another restaurant, I worked busy shifts and I'm used to serving large parties. From my experience I feel comfortable talking to customers.

8 :: Explain me what is your knowledge like on wines?

I'm not much of a wine drinker but I have a good sense of which wines pair well with certain foods, because of my previous experience as a waitress. If I started working here, I would like to have a look at the wine list and find out which dishes work best with which wines. So if a customers asks me, I can give them a good recommendation.

9 :: Tell me what do you expect your daily responsibilities will be if you got this job?

From your job advert, I thought it would be a normal waitress role. Taking orders, serving meals, cleaning tables and helping with drink orders. I remember the advert saying that you would need the candidate to work every other Sunday, which I'm happy to do.

10 :: Tell us what do you like to do in your free time?

☛ if they are quick to respond about a hobby they are more likely to be focused on whatever they do
☛ if they have just moved to Flagstaff, they had better like the outdoors or they may not be staying too long in Flag
☛ if they don't have much going on they could be heavy partiers