Construction Welder Interview Preparation Guide
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Construction Welder based Frequently Asked Questions in various Construction Welder job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

100 Construction Welder Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what are the duties of structural Iron and Steelworker?

☛ Build steel and or iron girders, columns and other construction based structures
☛ Make, weld and bolt down steel bars to reinforce concrete
☛ Connect steel columns, beams, and girders
☛ Reinforce concrete with welded wire fabrics
☛ Position steel or iron structures with connecting bars and spud wrenches
☛ Check the alignment using plumb bobs, levels, and laser equipment
☛ Fasten bars together with wire
☛ Drill holes into steel for bolts
☛ According to assembly instructions number the steel structures
☛ Hoist steel into the framework
☛ Inspecting material and equipment’s

2 :: Tell me what is blue print reading?

Blueprint reading is like a structural map that covers the steel structure. It is a detail drawing of steel structure, and it carries a label or piece mark to differentiate one steel bar or structure from others. Each piece or segment of steel structure has a single blueprint with detailed information before it become the part of the whole. It carries information even small as hole sizes, dimension, etc.

3 :: Explain me on what three factors does rigging process depends on?

Rigging process depends on three factors

☛ Capacity of the hoisting device
☛ Working loads of ropes and hardware
☛ Weight of the load to be lifted

6 :: Tell me what is meaning for A - Number?

A - is electrode chemical analysis number.

9 :: What is PQR?

PQR stands for procedure qualification record. The PQR documents what occurred during welding the test coupon and the results of testing of the coupon.

10 :: Tell us how much bead width we can allow?

Max 3 times of electrode diameter.