Leasing Consultant Interview Questions & Answers
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Leasing Consultant Frequently Asked Questions in various Leasing Consultant job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

32 Leasing Consultant Questions and Answers:

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Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions and Answers
Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: Tell me why is communication considered the backbone of a leasing agent’s work?

As an apartment leasing agent, one has to be in constant contact with residents, potential clients and vendors. Having to constantly meet with people, provide them with information and understand their demands, communication is a necessary element for someone working at this position.

2 :: What major challenges and problems did you face at your last position?

Many problems I faced happened when customers weren't happy about being charged for something they hadn't wanted or something they weren't aware wasn't free. I'd have to assist the situation by telling the customer the rules and as to why they've been charged.

3 :: Tell me what do you do to ensure a good occupancy rate?

I look into the building maintenance issues regularly and ensure timely resolution of resident complains to enhance client retention. I also help in developing marketing material and promoting the apartment online which leads to attainment of high occupancy rates.

4 :: Tell me what critical component of this position makes the work challenging?

Apart from sales and customer services, marketing is also considered a valuable component. Neither customer services nor sales are possible without effective marketing. Promoting a new property or gaining a customer bank is virtually impossible if one does not have good marketing skills. And since the type of marketing efforts needed in each situation differs, this is where the challenge comes in.

5 :: Tell me what do you know about our firm?

This Firm is an eleven year old firm with more than 5 residential towers in the NY area and you currently have 700+ units for renting lease. You also enjoy the reputation of delivering high quality living standards for individuals and families seeking rental living space in the area.
Once a client agreed on a two monthly installment plan and at the time of payment he denied it and said that he had signed monthly lease. I handled the situation by showing him my copy of the draft and serving as mediator in a negotiation meeting between both parties where the resident requested a revision of the lease and the landlord eventually agreed on their terms thus the issue was resolved and we succeeded in retaining the resident.

7 :: Explain a difficult project and how you overcame it?

A customer's lay away was left on the floor, and sold to another customer by a salesman unaware it had previously been sold. When the customer came in to make his payment and pick up his gear he was upset to hear we had sold his guitar. The guitar was a buy in from a few years ago and was hard to locate the same model and color. After awhile of searching we came across an identical product in our Texas store. Upon calling and explaining the situation the operations manager priority shipped the guitar to our store. The customer was so excited to have his guitar and appreciated all the work that went in to finding it.

8 :: Explain me what are the duties of a leasing agent?

An apartment leasing agent is responsible for soliciting residents, conducting background checks, drafting lease agreements, obtaining signage and ensuring that both parties fully understand all clauses of the lease contract. Additionally, the position is also responsible for conducting building inspection and guided tours and forwarding resident complaints to the management for swift and appropriate resolution.

9 :: As you know everyone has to bend or break rules sometimes, give me an example when you had to do just that?

The only time I've had to bend a rule is while with a customer. Sometimes when they're unsatisfied I'd have to talk to my manager and come up with a plan that would satisfy the customer even though it may bend some rules.

10 :: Why Do You Feel You will Excel at This Job?

This question presents an excellent opportunity for you to discuss your education, qualifications and personal traits. You might say something like “I studied property management as well as behavior during my college years and I have two years’ experience in real estate. I can gauge the homes or apartments in which clients will be interested based solely upon the needs of their families. Finally, my organizational skills will allow me to schedule appointments or showings confidently and arrive for them punctually.” This shows your interviewer that you have all of the skills necessary to become successful not only for yourself, but also for your employer.

11 :: Simple Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions:

☛ Tell us something about your work experience. Why did you resign from your previous job?
☛ How do you rate your leasing skills and expertise?
☛ Mention any three major job duties of a leasing consultant?
☛ How many types of lease agreements, contracts and forms are available? Discuss the format of a lease agreement.
☛ Differentiate between a corporate lease agreement and a manual lease agreement.
☛ How do you update yourself with the latest real estate lease information? What method do you use to maintain and upload the record shelves and lease database?
☛ Discuss your role in property management. How do you handle the potential clients for finalizing the leasing deals?
☛ How do you finalize the property rates, leasing duration and location as per the current marketing lease price?
☛ What are the different screening property policies and rental strategies?
☛ Discuss the procedure of reviewing a corporate rental document. Are you aware about the legitimate factors essential for preparing and commencing a leasing contract?
☛ How do you manage the resident complaints and requests regarding leasing?
☛ If we appoint your today for this vacancy, can you give a sure date of joining?
☛ Are you comfortable with our office working times?

12 :: Fresh Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions:

☛ How does your experience and training qualify you for this job?
☛ What is the KEY item of importance when negotiating on behalf of the County?
☛ What is a deed of trust?
☛ What is a reconveyance?
☛ Tell us about the role you've played in a major purchase?
☛ What is a permit/license?
☛ What experience do you have with concessions?
☛ Describe pre marketing strategy?
☛ Describe your experience in working with attorneys?
☛ How do you interpret an appraisal?
☛ What are the important items in a lease?
☛ Name the essential items to protect the County in a purchase?
☛ Do you have anything to add?

13 :: Role-specific Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions:

☛ Which of your qualities make you a great salesperson?
☛ How do you keep up with trends in the real estate?
☛ What’s excellent customer service for a leasing consultant?
☛ How do you use technology to organize your work?
☛ What kind of lodges/properties have you dealt with in the past?
☛ How do you handle overlapping deadlines?

14 :: Difficult Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions:

☛ If someones apt. is flooding what would you do?
☛ If someone is late on their rent how will you respond?
☛ When irate customers come in how will you handle them?
☛ They will ask you things like tell me a time when you helped a person that was in need?
☛ If your best friend came in would you offer him a better deal?
☛ What are your strengths?
☛ What are your weaknesses? You might think you don't have any. But we all have a weakness of some kind....
☛ How do define integrity?
☛ Do you work well with others?
☛ Can you work on your own or do you need guidance?

15 :: Operational and Situational Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions:

☛ How do you use social media to promote properties? What other advertising techniques do you use?
☛ What questions would you ask to evaluate a potential tenant’s requirements? What questions would you ask the property owner?
☛ How would you go about verifying a tenant’s application?
☛ Imagine a potential renter asks you a question about a property but you don’t know the answer. How do you handle this?
☛ If a property was burned or flooded, what would be your responsibilities?

16 :: General Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions:

☛ Tell me about yourself?
☛ What are your biggest strengths?
☛ Why did you leave your last job?
☛ What are your career goals for leasing consultant?
☛ Why do you want to work here?
☛ What are your greatest weaknesses for leasing consultant?
☛ What do you know about our organization?
☛ What kind of salary are you looking for leasing consultant?
☛ Why should we hire you?
☛ Do you have any questions?

17 :: Behavioral Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions:

☛ Tell me about a time you were faced with an ethical problem. What did you do in the end?
☛ Recall a time when you had to mediate a dispute between property owner and their tenant. What was your role and how did you help the situation?
☛ Describe the most difficult sale you had to make. Why was it difficult and how did you close it?
☛ Tell me about a time you persuaded a renter to renew their lease

18 :: Basic Leasing Consultant Job Interview Questions:

☛ What inspires you to succeed?
☛ What is your biggest weakness?
☛ Why do you think you would excel in this position?
☛ What are your overall career goals?
☛ Are you able to work independently or do you need guidance?
☛ How would you handle an angry customer?
☛ Would you offer your best friend a better deal than a stranger?

19 :: Explain me and convince me that you can adapt to a wide variety of people, situations and environments?

I used to work at CiCi's pizza where a variety of different people with different tastes in toppings and food would come in. I would have to work with these different people while still going by our guidelines. I also worked at a gym where many different types of people come in. I adapt well in these situations because I am a very outgoing and social person that can relate to others easily.

20 :: Why should we hire you? / How are you qualified to work as an leasing agent?

Apart from holding a bachelor’s degree in real estate, I have been specifically trained in lease terms and specifications. Additionally, I possess current trend information, can investigate real estate markets to find accurate matches and I am fully informed about current rental rates, sizes, locations and amenities of many properties in and around the city. Moreover, I am well practiced in drafting lease contracts, maintaining high customer satisfaction level and actively soliciting prospective clients. I also have a track record of maintaining 98% unit occupancy rate for my previous employers.

21 :: What Motivates You to Succeed?

Your interviewer will likely want to know the reasons why you will remain motivated to do your best during your employment with the company. Perhaps you are interested in being challenged, but you may also have interest in being recognized for your hard work in the form of the number of sales you can attain. A great example answer for this question is “I always do my best in everything, including my job. I take pride in my success, and I also want the company for which I work to be successful. Being affiliated with a company that is known for its excellence is very important to me.”

22 :: What do you feel is the most important skill a leasing agent should possess?

I feel they should engaging and friendly because you need to be able to listen to what the applicant is wanting or be able to answer any questions they have while also being approachable and easy to talk to.

23 :: Explain me how do you evaluate success?

Success to me is accomplishing something that you have strived for.

24 :: Tell me what do you know about the fair housing act?

Fair housing act is applicable in the US and this law protects the rights of tenants and landlords, restricting any discrimination in renting matters on basis of class and race. Its goal is to develop a unitary housing market to facilitate the tenants and landlords equally.

25 :: Why should we hire you as Leasing Consultant?

I am a very hard worker and strive for the things I want. For example, I played college softball and in order to accomplish a scholarship for that, you have to work long hours and put in the work to become great. I am also a very outgoing and social person and I am great when working with people.
Leasing Consultant Interview Questions and Answers
32 Leasing Consultant Interview Questions and Answers