Cabin Crew Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Cabin Crew Manager related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Cabin Crew Manager. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

60 Cabin Crew Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me while flying, what you should do in an emergency?

☛ See where the nearest emergency exit door is
☛ When oxygen level goes down inside, an oxygen mask pops out from the top. Put it on.
☛ Fasten your seat belt and lowered down to your knees

2 :: Do you know what is Clear Ice?

Clear Ice refers to a solid precipitation which forms on the air-craft when air temperature is between 0 degree C and -3 degree C and it can make the formation of water ice on the surface of the aircraft. With clear ice or Icing the aircraft will be at risk of stalling.

3 :: Tell me Is it possible to open flight door at high altitude?

Airplanes are pressurized to the equivalent of 8000 feet for passenger comfort and to facilitate breathing. At higher altitude, around 30,000 feet the air pressure inside the plane is much higher than the pressure outside and this pressure differential will not allow the door to open.

4 :: Explain me what things you should not do on while flying?

• Refuse to buckle your seat belt
• Get into a Scuffle
• Ignore the request to turn off electronic devices
• Drinking (alcohol) too much

5 :: Tell me what you know about the duties of a cabin crew member?

As I already discussed about the duties of cabin crew member, so you only need to read them and understand the duties of cabin crew member in better way to answer the question like this effectively. Just be confident and smart while answering.

6 :: Explain me what do you know about this airline?

When interviewing, it's important to know as much as possible about the airline you are applying to. Then emphasize the positive things you have learned when you're asked what you know. The big positive about this question is that you can show off your knowledge. Some applicants clam up, and don't go beyond absolute basics, which simply reduces their input. So to answer this question effectively you must:
☛ *Spend a lot of time on their website, if they have one.
☛ *Use search engines to research the airline & individuals.
☛ *Look at Glass door and Indeed to see what employees say.
☛ *Use LinkedIn to search for the airline / staff profile.

7 :: Please explain me about your areas of improvement?

Don't be too honest here and do not say you have none of us is without a fault or two. The secret to answering this question is using your weaknesses to your advantage. Describe a personal or professional weakness that could also be considered to be a strength and the steps you have taken to combat it.

8 :: Can you give an example of when you have overcome a difficult challenge?

This type of question can throw you if you haven't thought about it in advance, especially as you may struggle to think of an example. However, you can turn it to your advantage. So in this with the example you also need to share that what and how much you have learned from that challenge.

9 :: Tell us what do you like most about this airline?

Be honest and genuine here.Tell your interviewer your likes about the airline.

10 :: Explain me do you think you are overqualified for this position?

It’s an invitation to teach the interviewer a new way to think about this situation, seeing advantages instead of drawbacks. Remember always it does not necessarily mean you are over qualified. Don’t be trapped. The recruiter wants to see you to demonstrate your long term commitment to stay in the airline. The recruiter worries about the position will not stimulate you enough to keep you stay. With a little preparation you can turn this question around and demonstrate the benefits to the airline if you are given the job, rather than purely focusing on why you want