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What is the roles in the MSF Team Model? Explain Product management, Program management, Development, Release management and user experience?


MSF team model is based on 6 roles:

a. Product Management:
This team is responsible for identifying the requirement at business level. It also ensures that these needs are met from time to time. Goal of this team is to make sure that the customer is satisfied at all times.

b. Program Management:
This team manages the budget, decides the timelines, identifies the risks, and tracks the reporting status for the project. Goal of the project management team is to ensure that the project delivery is made within the project constraints.

c. Development:
This team is responsible for implementing the design and preparing the product for deployment. This team’s goal is to create a product based on the product specifications.

d. Release Management:
This team tracks the releases based to ensure stability. It is responsible for successful deployment f the product. Efficient product deployment is the sole aim of this team.

e. User experience:
This team makes sure that the product meets the user’s needs. It also collects and analyses user’s requirements and prioritizes them and creates the way with which user training is t be conducted. The goal of this team is to understand users better and enhance their performance by training them the correct way.

f. Testing:
This team is responsible for product’s stability. They ensure that the major defects are fixed before launching the product into the production environment. They design and develop the test strategy. The aim of this team is to find all the issues before the release.

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