Mono Framework Question:
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What is mono framework architecture?


The major components of Mono include:

Code Execution Engine
Class Libraries
Base Class Library
.NET Compatibility Class Libraries
Mono specific class libraries:
Cross platform class libraries for both Mono and .NET (Gtk#, Mono.Cecil, Mono.CSharp, Text.Templating)
Unix-specific class libraries (POSIX, Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE), curses)
Platform-specific class libraries (bindings for: Mac, iOS, Android, MeeGo)
CLI Assemblies
CLI Metadata
Mono's Common Language Runtime
Compatible with the ECMA Common Language Infrastructure/.NET Common Language Runtime
Mono-specific enhancements:
Mono.SIMD support
Mono co-routines and continuations.
Mono-specific enhancements
Native interop services and COM interop
Security - Transparent Code Framework

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