Fork Operator Question:
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Tell us what should an operator do when operating the forklift truck?


☛ Know the recommended load limit of the forklift and never exceed it.
☛ Know how to assess the weight of the load to be lifted.
☛ Do a visual and operational check of the forklift at the start of the shift.
☛ Always inspect and wear any seat belt or operator restraint device/system when these devices are available on the forklift truck.
☛ Know how to properly enter and leave the vehicle.
☛ Be familiar with the route for travel.
☛ Look ahead for any obstructions or restrictions that might be in the path you are going to travel (e.g., slippery floors, items in the path, weight restrictions for floors, dock or bridge plates, elevators, etc.).
☛ Check for adequate overhead clearance before raising the load.
☛ Operate a forklift smoothly when stopping, starting, lifting and tilting.
☛ Know the blind spots of the lift truck with and without a load.
☛ Use corner mirrors, back-up alarms, buzzers and warning lights to help prevent collisions.
☛ Communicate with workers who are nearby so they understand where you plan to travel.
☛ Keep pedestrians away from a forklift in operation. Operate with extreme caution when near pedestrians.
☛ Stop when anyone crosses the route being travelled. Lower the load to the floor, and wait until clear.
☛ Operate at a safe speed, taking into consideration all conditions.
☛ If loading another vehicle (e.g., transport truck), verify that the load wheels on the other vehicle are chocked before driving into the space.
☛ Use proper procedures when travelling on inclines or ramps.
☛ Ensure that the fire exits, stairways, and fire equipment are not blocked by the truck or the load.
☛ Wear leather gloves when moving or shifting loads or when checking skids.
☛ Wear fully laced safety boots to give impact protection when moving loads or skids and to provide ankle support when mounting and dismounting lift truck.
☛ Remain alert and prepare for the unexpected.
☛ Note anything that affects the normal operation of the forklift and tell the supervisor immediately.
☛ Keep hands, arms, head, feet and legs inside the confines of a moving forklift.
☛ Stay in the truck in case of overturn.
☛ Report any collisions, damage or near-miss incidents to a supervisor immediately.

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