Procurement Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Procurement Manager related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Procurement Manager. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

90 Procurement Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: Suppose I Would Like Special Markings On My Supplies. Is This Possible?

Yes. Please inform us if you have any special requirements, when you request the Cost Estimate, and before the deposit of funds as this can influence the pricing information.

2 :: Suppose I Have A Family Member Who Is A Supplier To The University. What Should I Do?

You need to declare this on the personal interest form and must ensure that the University is notified of this whenever any business dealings may be impacted by this relationship.

3 :: Explain me what Is Value For Money?

Value for money is a detailed and complex evaluation that takes place to review the value that the University will derive from a purchase, whether that is additional value in terms of additional warranty, additional functionality, energy consumption, whole life costs, total cost of ownership or the price that will be paid.

4 :: Explain me why Do Evaluation Criteria Need To Be Agreed In Advance?

In EU tenders, there is a legal requirement that selection and award criteria are notified to suppliers in the notice and documentation, so they understand the importance that we have placed on each section. In non-EU tenders, it is still good practice to do this.

5 :: Suppose I Am Having Problems With A Supplier. What Do I Need To Do?

Please contact the Procurement Service to discuss. There are several options available, each of them will be discussed with you, but could include a formal letter to the supplier detailing issues, formal meeting with agenda to discuss issues, or, in extreme cases, notification to the supplier of breach of contract. The Procurement Service will be in the best position to provide advice.

7 :: Tell me why Does It Take So Long To Do An Eu Tender?

There are timescales stipulated within the legislation that relate to the time the supplier has to review and submit documents. These timescales are deemed to be reasonable. The remainder of the time is linked to the process that the University undertakes in order to ensure a fair process and correct award. This would be undertaken regardless of whether it was an EU tender or not.

8 :: Tell me does It Not Cost More To Buy Something Sustainable?

We have proven through proactive contract management and engagement with suppliers that sustainable procurement does not need to cost more, and can often cost less.

9 :: Tell us what process do you go through when conducting a sourcing initiative?

The Next Level Purchasing Association’s “10 Phase Approach to World-Class Sourcing” has become a globally-used best practice for conducting a sourcing initiative in the most organized, effective manner.

10 :: Explain me have you used a vendor management software?

Vendor management software can be an excellent resource for supporting all of the processes that every procurement department should be doing: keeping track of vendor performance metrics, drawing attention to sub-par vendor performance, and identifying opportunities for vendor performance improvement.