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Tell us what is a forklift?


The Worksafe code of Practice defines a powered industrial lift truck as a vehicle drawn or propelled by mechanical, electrical or manual power, designed incorporating a powered lift principally to lift carry or stack goods by means of a fork consisting of one or more arms which support the load; or a platform or; any attachment or other mechanism. Without limiting this definition this includes forklifts, order pickers, side loaders, reach trucks, pallet trucks, platform trucks, straddle trucks and lateral trucks. While this definition does not include straddle carriers, much of this code of practice is applicable to that equipment.

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Tell us what should an operator do when operating the forklift truck?What procedure do you follow when the load on your forklift obscures your view in front?

A. Dismount, check that the way is clear, then drive slowly forward sounding the horn.
B. Travel in reverse looking in the direction of travel.
C. Raise the load so that you can see under it.