Zoologist Interview Preparation Guide
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Zoologist Frequently Asked Questions in various Zoologist job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

128 Zoologist Questions and Answers:

1 :: Which marine mammal’s flesh is mostly used by Eskimos?

☛ The walrus; a large marine mammal allied to seals, characterised by the prolongation of the upper canine teeth into tusks.
☛ Its flesh is eatern by eskimos, and the oil, hide and ivory also valuable.

2 :: Why do desert aminal look so pale?

The pale tones are part of a desert animals cooling system, for light colours reflect the sun’s heat and dark colour absorb them. This is used for camouflage also.

3 :: Which is the animal that has a tongue longer longer than its body?

Chameleon is the animal, whose tongue is longer than its body. Its body is only 45cm long but the tongue is upto 2meter and coiled inside the mouth. To catch insects, it uses its long tongue.

4 :: Define what is a flying squirrel?

It is a squirrel which can fly having parachute-like membranes connected to each side of its fore and hind limps. It usually sleeps during the day time,

6 :: Define what is an Oviparous animal?

Oviparous animal is an egg laying animal.

7 :: Animals having four feet are called Define what?

☛ Quadruped.
☛ Karl Wilhem Von Nigole in 1857.
☛ Gaint squid.

8 :: Define what helps bat in flying?

while flying, the bat produces high frequency sound waves (about 1,00,000 hertz) from its mouth which are ultra sonic waves. This sound helps the bat in flying.

9 :: Which animal has no skeleton?

jelly fish.