Landscaper Interview Preparation Guide
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Landscaper related Frequently Asked Questions in various Landscaper job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

53 Landscaper Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me do you have any cutting experience?

As in grass yes I have some with a few lawn mowers but worst case scenario if I didn't I'm a fast learner and I'd pick up on it really fast and can adjust quick also.

2 :: Why do you feel that you can work well with us as Landscaper?

I believe that I have the creative vision, coupled with experience in landscaping and grounds maintenance, which you may not find in other contenders for this position.

3 :: Tell me could you work with little or no supervision?

Yes. I try to design the garden in my head and think on the finished product. To help with this I would look at other real world examples.

4 :: Explain have you ever planned and installed an artificial irrigation system?

Yes, several times. Almost all landscapes especially indoor ones require a special irrigation systems for maintenance and I am well versed in blueprinting and installing the same.

5 :: Tell me are you okay working in poor conditions, such as heavy rain or cold weather?

Yes, I've been working construction and roofing since I was 12 and we frequently worked through the rain. Not until there was lightening sighted did we stop working.

6 :: Tell me what experiences do you have in landscape architect?

Laying sod trimming planting spreading mulch pine straw weed eating mowing.

7 :: Tell me which correlating vehicles and machinery are you adept at using?

I am trained in the use of power mowers, tractors, twin-axel vehicles, snow blowers, chainsaws and electric clippers.

8 :: Tell me have you ever been late for work?

Not in the last 3 years of my work history, And prior to that my tardiness was due to car troubles or other minor causes.

9 :: Explain what was the toughest job you've done in the past?

Being an instructor therapist was a very difficult job. The field is quite unregulated so your boss could do whatever they wanted to you. You faced a lot of front line challenges from the clients and their families both mentally and physically as well.

10 :: Tell us what overall experience do you have?

Well I have expletive in tree trimming, trimming bushes planting flowers and putting soil planting grass I could use a variety of machines like lawn mowers blowers.