Web Developer & Designer Interview Questions & Answers
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Web Developer & Designer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Web Developer & Designer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

68 Web Developer & Designer Questions and Answers:

Web Developer & Designer Interview Questions Table of Contents:

Web Developer & Designer Job Interview Questions and Answers
Web Developer & Designer Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: Deployment Skills based Web Developer & Designer Job Interview Questions:

☛ What do you use xampp or wampp & why?
☛ What is cPanel?
☛ What will be your workaround deploying a local site to live url?
☛ Name some online resources that you reference when having CSS/HTML/JS issues.
☛ Favorite tools and IDEs?
☛ Why stack overflow so useful? and whats your rating?

2 :: Browser Compatibility based Web Developer & Designer Job Interview Questions:

☛ What tools do you use for cross-browser testing?
☛ Lets assume you have found a rendering issue in IE8 what will be your work around to solve that issue?
☛ How will you achieve same drop down menu UI in different browsers?
☛ How will you fix border-radius compatibility issue in IE8?

3 :: WordPress based Web Developer & Designer Job Interview Questions:

☛ What are basic necessities for a theme? How will you create a Hello World! WordPress theme?
☛ Do you have developed plug-in?
☛ How will you create a template page in WordPress?
☛ How can you create an empty plugin which have basic options like activate, deactivate etc.?

4 :: CSS / CSS3 based Web Developer & Designer Job Interview Questions:

☛ Difference between position absolute and fixed?
☛ What is the difference between inline, inline-block, and block?
☛ Difference between ID and Class?
☛ What are sprites and why they are recommended?
☛ what are media queries?
☛ What is responsiveness?
☛ How to select last li of ul via CSS?
☛ Difference between; .class.class2 & .class .class & .class > class ?
☛ What are CSS pre-processors?
☛ What is style reset sheet?
☛ What is float?

5 :: JQuery / JavaScript based Web Developer & Designer Job Interview Questions:

☛ What is jQuery?
☛ What is difference between onload and ready?
☛ How to select class in jQuery?
☛ Which selector has better performance id or class and why?
☛ How to add a class to HTML element?
☛ What is jQuery toggle function?
☛ Explain difference .empty() between .remove() ?
☛ How can I select 20th div with jQuery?
☛ What is difference between .setinterval() & .delay() ?

6 :: HTML / HTML5 as Web Developer & Designer Job Interview Questions:

☛ What is Doctype & why its important?
☛ What are meta tags?
☛ What does meta viewport tag do?
☛ Difference between div and span?
☛ What is html5?
☛ Name a few new tags in html5 and their advantages?
☛ What are the new media-related elements in HTML5?
☛ How can I create a div work like an input?

7 :: Do you know what is a Dreamweaver Template?

Dreamweaver Templates enables webmasters to define “non-editable” and “editable” regions of a webpage, only in Dreamweaver template the “non-editable” regions can be edited. Any changes implemented to the Dreamweaver Template will update any HTML pages that use the template.

8 :: Explain me do you make Custom Web Design or use Themes?

Web design and development companies offer both the options to satisfy their client needs. Some go for unique look and functionality built from scratch whiles others goes for the template to customize and save money. Discuss what you need for your website and compare the prices of both options before making any move.

9 :: Tell us what are the different JavaScript types?

There are six types of JavaScript: Object, null, string, undefined, Boolean and number. Objects include functions, array and ordinary objects. Numbers may include integers and real numbers, and also include special values such as NaN and infinity. Strings include empty strings, ““,

10 :: Tell me what are the possible values for “position”?

The type of positioning used for the webpages can be determined by using “position” element. These include static, relative, fixed, inherit and absolute.

11 :: Tell me in CSS when you will use CSS float?

In CSS, you would use CSS float when you want to make an element of your page be pushed to the right or left and make other elements wrap around it.

12 :: Tell me what web standards and practices do they follow?

A web design and development company should follow latest design trends and web development standards so that your website functions in all web browsers and operating systems.

13 :: Tell me what does the NaN function do?

Return ‘true’ if the argument is not a number.

14 :: Tell me do you provide case studies to showcase the results of your web designs?

Your website is not about only the online presence of your business but it should also get a return on investment and have the website deliver business results.

For that, ask for case studies. The case studies will provide you specific results like increased online sales, increased the lead and boosted conversion rate in certain time period.

15 :: Tell me what is Grid system?

A grid system is a structure comprising a series of horizontal and vertical lines which intersect and used to arrange content. It is a way of providing a system that designers can work with the structure and present content. For web design beginners, it is always suggested that they use the pre-made framework for web design as they are relatively easy to use.

16 :: Explain me what will be their price and what is included in their price?

The pricing structure is of two types, flat project price, and second hourly rate. But do understand that prices depend on experience, expertise, and scope of the project.

The second most important thing to ask is that what are the items included in the prices and what is not.

17 :: Tell us what is the basic difference between HTML elements and tags?

The main difference between HTML elements and HTML tags is that elements are used to communicate with the website on how to render the information. They are represented within <>, these form the HTML tags. Tags usually come in pairs and surround text.

18 :: Tell us how will they handle your project?

A website design and development process includes research, design, site development, and launch and evaluate. While asking the questions, do remember to ask who will be the specific person you will be in touch with, what will be the timelines for the different phases in the development process, in which way you will get progress reports and is there any project management system going to manage the tasks.

19 :: Tell us what are some bad examples of web design?

☛ Blinking, spinning or flashing images
☛ Black background with white, light or pale text
☛ Black backgrounds with dark text
☛ Busy tiled background images with any color text
☛ Everything Centered
☛ Too many images or Huge images
☛ List of links
☛ Too many headlines or Blinking text

20 :: Tell us do they build search engine optimization into the websites?

Nowadays every websites are coded with SEO in mind. So if you are designing a new website, it’s better to get a third party SEO firm do an SEO audit prior to launch to ensures that there are no technical issues.

21 :: List out some of the JQuery function used for webpage designing?

Some of the JQuery function used for webpage designing include

☛ Simple slide panel
☛ Simple disappearing effect
☛ Chainable transition effect
☛ Accordion#1 and Accordion#2
☛ Animated hover effect
☛ Entire block clickable
☛ Collapsible panels
☛ Image replacement gallery
☛ Styling different link types

22 :: Explain me how long will it take to complete the Website?

Typically the website project timeline depends on the work required and how fast you can provide them with the required information. It will be worthy to discuss what they will do if they don’t meet their deadline.

23 :: Tell me what does “1”+2+4 return?

Since the question contains strings and + sign is usually used for catenation, the answer returned will be 124.

24 :: Explain me what are the limitations seen when serving XHTML servers?

One of the biggest drawback is the poor browser support that the XHTML provides. Internet explorer and various other browsers cannot parse XHTML as XML. Thus, it is not as extensible as it was promised to be. There can also be a large number of other drawbacks. You can also define those problems.

25 :: Tell me how do you convert numbers between different bases in JavaScript?

Usually to convert the number in their different bases use the parseInt() function. This function parses a string and returns a function. The first parameter is the number and the second parameter is the base to be changed. For example: to covert a hexadecimal number to a decimal number we use this function as (“3F”, 16).
Web Developer & Designer Interview Questions and Answers
68 Web Developer & Designer Interview Questions and Answers