Clarify CRM Interview Preparation Guide
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Clarify CRM job interview preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Clarify CRM frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Clarify CRM interviews

52 Clarify CRM Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the process of upgradeshion?

Upgradation is a long process and can be divided into following steps:

1. Go for feasibilty of upgration suggested.

2. Ask Business partner to get in to CRM system and adds through various sites.

3. Direct creation of BP in CRM system.

4. Implement the BP.

2 :: What is clarify CRM?

As much as my knowledge clarify CRM is the product of clarify Inc. .It stands for clarify Customer Relationship Management.Oracle and front-office vendor Clarify Inc. this week will further extend customer-relationship management to the Web when they unveil application modules that address online support and sales, as well as more conventional interactions with customers.Clarify will introduce its second version of Clarify eFrontOffice, a software suite that handles electronic interactions such as Web customer service, online marketing, and guided E-commerce selling. The new applications include Clarify Customer Portal, which stores customer information and lets customers communicate with a company via methods such as E-mail and online chat. Clarify eOrder lets customers shop online, then takes orders and manages them through fulfillment; it works in conjunction with Clarify eConfigurator, which determines customer needs and then helps configure complex products. Clarify eMerchandising lets businesses draw from customer analysis data and develop personalized marketing campaigns and product offerings.Computer manufacturer Amdahl Corp., already a Clarify customer, is adopting eService, eOrder, and eMerchandising. The Sunnyvale, Calif., company anticipates that offering self-service on the Web will lower the cost of sales and service and make Amdahl easier to do business with. But it goes beyond that-self-service will also make it easier for customers to navigate Amdahl's product offerings."Amdahl's products are so complex that any one salesperson can't know the whole portfolio. You can have the system targeted to specific customer needs" by using the Web products, says John Keenan, project director at DMR Consulting, the Amdahl consulting subsidiary handling the implementation.AMR Research analyst Peggy Menconi says Clarify's new products help bring E-commerce and CRM closer. But she doubts that businesses, most of which have E-commerce initiatives under way, will rip out their existing software to replace it with software from Clarify or any other CRM vendor.

3 :: What is Internal IO and External IO?

The internal io are created through EAI Siebel Wizard.These object have their base type as siebel business objects.
The internal io are used in EAI Siebel Adapter BS through query methods.

External io are created during importing an External WSDL.They have xml as their base type and are often used to describe the structure of xml.

4 :: Tell me how is smart client different from thick and thin client?

The clarify smart GUI is developed in Java Swing and can be deployed on application servers like web logic,web sphere. JNPL technique is used to launch the application from desktop.

The older clarify thick client is developed in VB5 and can be customized using ClearBasic language in front end.
POMS layer is used access the data from backend data servers.Clarify application can communicate to external world other system system usinf Tuxedo server connectivity.

6 :: What is Smart Client?

Smart client can be worked as thick client or thin client.

7 :: The use of the eorder Application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice)
A) Search for products
B) Save the shopping list
C) Create cases
D) Log notes, views, status

Explanation: eOrder is order management application in clarify that provides end to end support from order initiation to product delivery on customer side.

(A, B), other options are provided from eSupport

9 :: Loading of the page in clarify is faster because of the following reason
A) Use lightweight objects
B) Split jsp
C) Both client and server work on the different machine
D) Use of the ejbs

Explanation: In Clarify the GUI and Data are two separate requests to server. Once the gui comes to client machine, it is only the data that is fetched from server. This makes application loading much faster compared to normal web application where each request refreshes both the data and gui.

Correct Answer is B - Split JSP