Account Executive Interview Preparation Guide
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Accounts Executive related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Account Executive. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

53 Account Executive Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me why do you apply for a job of an account executive?

You should say that you believe to be a good account executive, because you have all the skills, such as communication skills, sales skills, etc. You can add your own list.
You can also say that you like the job description, and are motivated to do the job. Please remember, motivation is always an important factor, especially when we speak about entry level jobs.

2 :: Do you know what is the importance of team work in this position?

It is not possible to work on one’s own in this position. You have to create and maintain effective relationships with other departments such as sales, marketing and development. Teamwork is definitely important as one cannot work effectively without departmental support.

3 :: Describe A Time When You Have Not Met Your Goal?

The ability to meet goals and deadlines is important for an accounts manager. If you have legitimately never failed to meet a goal then feel free to share this achievement, but don’t stop there. Explain several factors that have enabled you to maintain your excellent record. If you have failed to meet a goal in the past, describe the most salient points of the project and outline the steps that led to failure. Then show the interviewer that you are the kind of person who can learn from their mistakes by detailing how you would approach the problem differently in the future to elicit a better outcome. Whether you have failed to meet a goal or have a perfect record, be sure to detail a strategy for meeting goals that has worked well for you in the past and that you believe will serve you well in this position.

4 :: Knowing what you know now, walk me through what you would do differently to drive even more success?

This interview question tests the sales executive candidate’s self-awareness and coachability.

5 :: Explain what is balance sheet?

It is a statement that states all the liabilities and assets of the company at certain point.

6 :: Tell us in accounting, how do you define premises?

Premises refer to fixed assets that are shown in the balance sheet.

7 :: Can you differentiate Accounting and Auditing?

Accounting is all about recording daily business activities while auditing is the checking that whether all these events have been noted down correctly or not.

8 :: As you know excellent communication skills are at the core of this position. Do you have experience with interpersonal communication in a professional setting?

Actually I believe my previous job dealt with interpersonal communication perhaps even more than the account executive position will. When I was working in sales, I would spend hours at a time doing nothing but talking with clients. Through that experience I gained significant communication skills, so I am not worried about this requirement at all. I was a successful salesperson and gained a reputation for the long-lasting relationships I would build with the customers. You could even say communication was my specialty.

9 :: As you know account executives need to be talented salespeople. Do you have experience making sales?

I was a leading salesperson from 2005 to 2012, meaning I have nearly seven years of experience closing sales. At this point, I consider myself a master at reading clients’ tone and figuring out how I can meet their needs. I know the account executive position has a much lower focus on making sales, but I still believe I am qualified whenever that need arises. Truth be told, I’m relieved that I will still have the opportunity to practice making sales.

10 :: Explain me your current/former role, your responsibilities, and how success is/was measured?

With this question, I’m trying to get a sense for how succinctly and clearly the candidate can describe his or her responsibilities. Additionally, for a sales role, how success is measured should be pretty straightforward and it’s a red flag when the success metric is murky.