Account Executive Question:
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Describe A Time When You Have Not Met Your Goal?


The ability to meet goals and deadlines is important for an accounts manager. If you have legitimately never failed to meet a goal then feel free to share this achievement, but don’t stop there. Explain several factors that have enabled you to maintain your excellent record. If you have failed to meet a goal in the past, describe the most salient points of the project and outline the steps that led to failure. Then show the interviewer that you are the kind of person who can learn from their mistakes by detailing how you would approach the problem differently in the future to elicit a better outcome. Whether you have failed to meet a goal or have a perfect record, be sure to detail a strategy for meeting goals that has worked well for you in the past and that you believe will serve you well in this position.

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Do you know what is the importance of team work in this position?Knowing what you know now, walk me through what you would do differently to drive even more success?