Payroll Assistant Interview Preparation Guide
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Payroll Assistant related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Payroll Assistant. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

76 Payroll Assistant Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me a brief overview of your professional career as a Payroll Assistant?

After graduating from University of California with a BBA Degree, my first full time job was at Marshall & Swift Boeckh as a Book-keeping Executive. I worked there for a year and then I was offered a better opportunity as a Payroll Assistant at Enova Financial, where I have been working for the past two years. Other than this, I have also done three internships during my degree of which one was focused on ‘compensation and benefits’ function processes of Barclay’s Bank and the other two were related to payroll management at Delaware North Companies and University of California.

2 :: Tell us how do you feel about working nights and weekends?

If the need be, I am perfectly fine with working on odd timings. There have been multiple situations at work where I worked overtime and on weekends when the work load was greater than usual. What kept me putting my best of abilities was the appreciation that I received for my extra efforts at work.

3 :: Tell me why are you interested in this position?

To work for a thriving and growing company, I am always learning new task, opportunity of advancment and company profile and word of mouth has been very impressive.

4 :: What experience do you have implementing a new payroll system?

Been involved with the upgrading of the payroll system. Have not changed from a payroll system in the last 20 years.

5 :: Tell us do you plan to open up your own accounting or payroll firm?

This interview question is simple to answer. I would obviously begin by picking out a work related problem I have faced and that I knew turned out to be a problem that I was able to solve.

6 :: Explain me the use of forms W2, W4, and 941?

W2 is a summary record given to employee showing their earnings taxes paid and any other deductions, W4 is what the employee fills out letting the payroll department know how many depending they are claiming, 941 is the report filled out each quarter and year end showing everything paid and deducted through payroll.

7 :: Please explain a difficult situation at work and how you diffused it?

One difficult situation that happen was managing conflict how that was dealth with is that the situation was presented before all the individuals and a resolution was brought in to play the handle the matter at hand.

8 :: Tell me why do you want to work as a payroll clerk?

This question is difficult. You can hardly find something motivating about this job… However, you should not say an employer that you just want to have any sort of administrative/accounting job, and that’s why you apply for this one. As a good applicant, you can mention that you like math, that you are very detail oriented and prefer routine jobs. That’s the reason why payroll clerk is a good choice for you.

9 :: Tell us have you any experience with pay card payments? Describe it?

(It’s a simple method of offering employees a debit card they can use to buy things with, or cash it with the use of ATM. It’s like sending money to bank account; just you send it to the card for this purpose.)

10 :: Tell us what are the 3 skills you think a payroll clerk must have?

Well, I believe strong analytical skills, good command on mathematics and attention to detail are must haves for any person in the role of a payroll officer.