Supply Chain Manager Question:
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How did you get started working in this field?


Throughout high school, I worked at a local bike shop. While I was working there, I found out that GGL was located in the Twin Cities, and eventually some of my friends started working here. In college, I thought I'd work here for a summer or two and stock up on some bikes, but - after I started - it turned into a lot more. In the warehouse, there was a lot of opportunity to participate in process improvement projects, and that was where my interest in this field started. While I worked in the warehouse, I got involved in a project that saved the company more than $100,000 per year. I like these projects, and the leadership became supportive of helping me learn and grown. I went through different positions in warehouse, and then moved into a warehouse analyst position. Eventually, I ran into someone that was a purchasing manager at a company event who asked what my plan was after graduation. He wanted me to help him develop a supply chain position, so we collaborated on creating the job. After graduation, I applied for the new position and got the job.

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