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Do you know what are the types of caching used in rails, what are they?

Ruby Developer Interview Question
Ruby Developer Interview Question


There are primarily three types of caching used in Rails.

1. Page Caching

Page caching is a Rails mechanism which allows the request for a generated page to be fulfilled by the webserver (i.e. Apache or NGINX) without having to go through the entire Rails stack.

2. Action Caching

Page Caching cannot be used for actions that have before filters - for example, pages that require authentication. This is where Action Caching comes in. Action Caching works like Page Caching except the incoming web request hits the Rails stack so that before filters can be run on it before the cache is served. This allows authentication and other restrictions to be run while still serving the result of the output from a cached copy.

3. Fragment Caching

Dynamic web applications usually build pages with a variety of components not all of which have the same caching characteristics. When different parts of the page need to be cached and expired separately you can use Fragment Caching.

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