Project Interview Preparation Guide
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Project Interview Questions and Answers will guide that for a fresher it is very important to have a good project if he wants to land in the job with a good starting salary. If a candidate wants to enter into software field but has is major project in Mechanical it is very important for him to relate or link that mechanical project with software programming. This can also improve the reliability of the mechanical structure so learn more about Project Interview Questions with Answers guide

12 Project Questions and Answers:

1 :: Entire description of the project should be known to the employee and with that: -

1) Environment
2) Team play
3) Project description
4) Technicalities
5) Programming languages, complexities, platforms and trouble shooting guidelines should be clearly stated.
6) Contribution.

2 :: What are all the different standards you employed for the project?

For this question you have to state the various different standards you employed during the project. This question needs detailed explanation and you can explain the various standards applied for quality, testing, cost and delivery, etc. This question can be answered only when you have actually participated in the project.

3 :: At times employers need to suffix their experience certificates.

Experience certificates speak a lot about you and it is general practice to bring letters of recommendation from your ex employer.

4 :: What was the duration of the project and how did you meet the deadlines?

In this example you need to explain about the duration of the project and the necessary commitments from your team members for the completion of the project. You need to explain to him various stages of development and the team member’s participation (including you) and contribution to the project.

5 :: Tell and explain to us about a specific situation during the project where you have to cope with a less experienced candidate in your team and what are the measures you took to meet your deadlines?

When answering this question you have to explain about the specific part of the project which you handled. Try to have a positive tone when explaining about the problem your team has faced and the way you overcame the problem by taking corrective measures. Be honest and explain to the interviewer everything in detail including the problem, measures you took and the important one outcome.

6 :: What are all the technical measures and aspects required in the project? Explain?

Explain to the interviewer about the technical aspects which were required in the project. Make sure that you detail him about all the fields.

7 :: Some of the points which will help you are: -

► Behavior
► Environment
► Technical aspects
► Platforms
► Programming languages
► Trouble shooting, testing, debugging and bugs found.
► Rectification measures

8 :: How many projects did you participate in and how do judge the work you have done?

Tell him about the number of projects you have completed and the rating you can give to each project in which participated, remember the rating reflect upon your work and not the project. Support the rating with examples, certificates, awards, LOR, client testimonials, etc.

9 :: What do you know about this company and this job position?

To answer this question you should do some research on the company and the Job position as a whole. Explain to him about the relevant skills which you have relevant to the job opening and how best you can give your experience to the company which it can benefit from.

10 :: What are your strengths and weakness in general and technical?

Make an exhaustive list about all your strengths and weakness. Explain to him about them make sure that you don’t place emphasis either on your weakness or strengths. Explain to him everything in detail and the corrective measures you are taking to overcome the strengths and benefits.