Clerk Interview Preparation Guide
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Clerk frequently Asked Questions in various Clerk job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

28 Clerk Questions and Answers:

1 :: Who is clerk?

A clerk is a white-collar worker who conducts general office tasks, or a worker who performs similar sales-related tasks in a retail environment (a retail clerk). The responsibilities of clerical workers commonly include record keeping, filing, staffing service counters, screening solicitors, and other administrative tasks.

2 :: What are functions and titles in clerk?

► Data Entry Clerk
► Sales Clerk (as in grocery sales)
► Deli Clerk
► Hotel Front Desk Clerk
► Service Desk Clerk
► Cash Register Clerk
► Clinical Clerk

3 :: What is your job experience as clerk?

This is the generally the first question that is asked by an interviewer. Keep in mind that the interviewer does not have time to listen to a detailed story. Therefore, speak briefly regarding your work experience. Highlight important factors, and be concise. Share your recent and relevant career experiences and how it qualifies you for the said job.

4 :: Tell me what are your educational qualifications that would support your application for the job of a clerk?

Any job that has a responsibility attached to it has several qualifications that should be held by a person that applies for the said profile. Speak with a few friends, and compile a list of your qualifications and positive attributes. See which relate to the job. List them, with a quick real-life example of that trait in action.
Make sure that you carry your academic as well as other documents that support your application for the said position. Of course, not every interviewer will have the time to go through your documents, but the very fact that you have brought them would give you some extra leverage in obtaining the job offer.

5 :: Explain your typical workday - how do you prioritize assignments?

A clerk is a company resource who receives tasks from many departments and individuals within the business organization.
The straightforward answer is that you ask your immediate superior to prioritize your work. They will do so with regards to the level of seniority and the level of importance. When additional tasks are brought to you, even those marked urgent, your superior must either decide on a case-by-case basis or give you specific guidelines.

6 :: Tell me what is your 'words per minute' speed?

If you wish to know how much typing will be required of you, now is the time to inquire. Answer the question; you may wish to express your confidence that with greater time spent typing.

7 :: What types of software that you are comfortable with?

The answer to this question should be factual - detail the Windows based applications and other business management applications you have used and your level of competence for each.

8 :: What is the accuracy value that you have at that speed you have in typing?

You may wish to express your confidence that with greater time spent typing, your speed and accuracy will surely improve.

9 :: How did you handle stressful atmosphere?

As a clerk, it goes without saying that there would be stress in the job and that your attitude of calmness can avert many a crisis. If you have had any such experiences, recount them to the interviewer when asked. Warning! Remember to be brief, and avoid arrogance.

10 :: Tell me if you have experience in which you assigned to be the main person who handles an important project - the focal point?

This question is basically pitched at you to find out whether your recent employers gave you more responsibilities than a clerk would normally have. The interviewer may want to discern whether you have personal management skills or leadership abilities that would make you the perfect candidate to be promoted down the road.
Answering this question in the affirmative can make or break your application.
Therefore, highlight some of the major projects/responsibilities that where given to you. If you did not have any, but are interested in such responsibilities, mention this idea. If you had responsibilities in a volunteer position, elaborate on that.