Motivational Interview Preparation Guide
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Motivational frequently Asked Questions in various Motivational job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

26 Motivational Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Motivation?

Motivation is a theoretical construct used to explain behavior. It is the scientific word used to represent the reasons for our actions, our desires, and our needs. Motivation can also be defined as our direction to our behavior or what causes us to want to repeat a behavior and vice versa. A motive is what prompts a person to act in a certain way or at least develop an inclination for specific behavior.

2 :: What exactly does a person require to motivate an individual?

Motivation is when you enjoy what you are doing, when you feel that there is another person inside you telling you to continue what you are working because you are going to be something if you can do this work perfectly, when you can not feel the time around you because what you are doing is pleasuring and makes you feel that you are affective in the sociaty. The person requires to be motivated themselves so they can motivate an individual.

3 :: What motivates to do your best on the job?

Loving the job and heading to be in the highest level in the whole job scoop, competing is very important to be always motivated yes I love it, success in life idea is what keeps you motivated in ever.

4 :: Suppose when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions?

I just realised that I enjoy working well under preasure because I like to work where there is more challege and by priotising.

5 :: Why use export-import utility over repro?

I think it depends on what cost less. We reproduce if it cost lesser & we import rawmaterials if we dont have the resources to reproduce them ourself.

6 :: Suppose if a project you were involved in that really excited you? How long did that feeling last?

The candidate should reveal a dedication and passion towards their work.

7 :: Suppose you willingly volunteered for a task. Also, why were you so interested in this specific task?

Applicant should express that they take the initiative when it comes to additional work and they are always interested in increasing their knowledge and contacts. Applicant should have plenty of energy to do more.

8 :: Tell us about a hurdle which got in the way of achieving an ambitious goal. How did you go about overcoming it?

Job seeker should show that they are a hard worker and that they try to achieve ambitious goals; they should not surrender easily.

9 :: Explain about a goal you achieved which at some points seems hopeless? Why you keep going on?

If candidate has done this, it shows great energy and commitment. Candidate should also show that they can work hard, but are not obsessive about their work.

10 :: Explain a work related goal that you have set for yourself?

Applicant should appear to self-motivate by setting ambitious goals and targets.