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3 SunOne Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to handle exceptions without using try,catch,throw, and log4j?

in case of .net, if you are not using

1. make use of Page_error method on any .aspx page to
handle error on the specfic page
2. in global.asax use application_error event handler
3. web.config, under Error - specify what need to be done
based on error code/type

2 :: What does a constructor does?

Constructor is a special type of function which is
available for every class.

Constructors can be used to create a object in different

Constructors can be used to execute a statements when
object is creating.

Constructors can be used to intialized the object

3 :: What is swing and jsp. Where we use swings and jsp?

Java Swing is technolgy which we are using to design
desktop application.
JSP is a server side technology called as Java Server Pages.

when we need to design a application in client - server
architecture where client is desktop application then we
will go for swings in java, and we can use jsp on

JSP is also used to represent the view as HTML on browser
in MVC architecture.