JSF Interview Preparation Guide
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JSF Interview Questions and Answers will teach us now that JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Java-based Web application framework intended to simplify development integration of web-based user interfaces. JSF is a request-driven MVC web framework based on component driven UI design model, using XML files called view templates or Facelets views. Requests are processed by the FacesServlet, which loads the appropriate view template, builds a component tree, processes events, and renders the response

13 JSF Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the JSF?

JavaServer Faces(JSF) is a framework for building web-based user interface in Java. Unlike Swing, JSF provides widgets like buttons, hyperlinks, checkboxes, etc. in different ways. It has extensible facilities for validating inputs and converting objects to and from strings for display.
JSF is the Java answer to Microsoft ASP.NET's Web Forms. ASP.Net is roughly equivalent to the Servlet and JSP

2 :: What is JavaServer Faces event and listener model?

A mechanism for determining how events emitted by JavaServer Faces UI components are handled. This model is based on the JavaBeans component event and listener model.

3 :: What is JavaServer Faces conversion model?

A mechanism for converting between string-based markup generated by JavaServer Faces UI components and server-side Java objects.

4 :: What is JavaServer Faces UI component class?

A JavaServer Faces class that defines the behavior and properties of a JavaServer Faces UI component.

5 :: What is JavaServer Faces expression language?

A simple expression language used by a JavaServer Faces UI component tag attributes to bind the associated component to a bean property or to bind the associated component's value to a method or an external data source, such as a bean property. Unlike JSP EL expressions, JavaServer Faces EL expressions are evaluated by the JavaServer Faces implementation rather than by the Web container.

6 :: What is JavaServer Faces navigation model?

A mechanism for defining the sequence in which pages in a JavaServer Faces application are displayed.

7 :: What is JavaServer Faces Technology?

A framework for building server-side user interfaces for Web applications written in the Java programming language.

8 :: What is JavaServer Faces UI component?

A user interface control that outputs data to a client or allows a user to input data to a JavaServer Faces application.

9 :: What is JavaServer Faces validation model?

A mechanism for validating the data a user inputs to a JavaServer Faces UI component.

10 :: What is the difference between JSP and JSF?

JSP simply provides a Page which may contain markup, embedded Java code, and tags which encapsulate more complicated logic / html. JSF may use JSP as its template, but provides much more. This includes validation, rich component model and lifecycle, more sophisticated EL, separation of data, navigation handling, different view technologies (instead of JSP), ability to provide more advanced features such as AJAX, etc.