Java Game Developer Interview Preparation Guide
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Java Game Developer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Java Game Developer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

50 Java Game Developer Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the ‘Platform independence ‘properties of java?

The very essence of the platform independence of Java lies in the way the code is stored, parsed and compiled – bytecode. Since these bytecodes run on any system irrespective of the underlying operating system, Java truly is a platform-independent programming language.

2 :: Tell us what will you bring to the team?

I will bring a large amount of support to the team, I endeavour to make sure my team reaches the goal they so desperately need. I feel that adding me to the team will bring our performance up a notch.

3 :: Tell us is Game Development Subcontracted?

I was having a conversation with someone who believed that components of a games code where subcontracted out to programmers in different countries where it would be cheaper, then assembled by the local company. I understand that people often use pre-built engines but I would think that making the actual game would require people to work closely in the same studio.

4 :: Tell me is There A Portal Dedicated To Html5 Games?

Just to get something straight; by "portal", I mean a website that frequently publishes a certain type of games, has a blog, some articles, maybe some tutorials and so on. All of these things are not required (except the game publishing part, of course), for example, I consider Miniclip to be a flash game portal. The reason for defining this term is because I'm not sure if other people use it in this context.

I recently (less than a year ago) got into HTML5 game development, nothing serious, just my own small projects that I didn't really show to a lot of people, and that certainly didn't end up somewhere on the web (although, I am planning to make a website for my next game). I am interested in the existence of an online portal where indie devs (or non-indie ones, doesn't really matter that much) can publish their own games, sort of like "by devs for devs", also a place where you can find some simple tutorials on basic HTML5 game development and so on... I doubt something like this exists for several reasons:

☛ You can't really commercialize an HTML5 game without a strong server-side and micro transactions
☛ The code can be easily copied
☛ HTML5 is simply new, and things need time to get their own portals somewhere...

5 :: Explain me what's The Url Of The Video Showing An Ea Representative Talking About Game Programming?

The video shows an EA representative talking about how a programmer can get into the industry by showing some demos (in fact, he shows a physics demo presented by a candidate who wanted a job at EA). The demo shown depicts kind of a ragtime doll made of yellow cobblestones.

I don't remember if I watched on YouTube or Vimeo and I frankly cannot find it after a few hours of work. I just remember the fact that it was taken at a GDC or a SIGGRAPH convention. Thanks in advance. I'm really frustrated because I'd love to show this video to some fellow developers

6 :: Tell us is C++ "still" Preferred In Game Development?

Yes, C++ is the language used most often (though some people do still use C).

There are numerous reasons for this. Sheer momentum is one - it's simply the language that has been used for years, a lot of tech already exists and people are comfortable with it, so changing is not going to happen overnight.

Then there is the issue of control. Game developers are control freaks, and we like to know everything that is going on in our code. C++ gives us that control, C# and Java (to pick on the two alternatives you mention) take control away. In many ways that might be a good thing, but game coders don't like it :) Finally there's the simple practical issue that the SDKs for various platforms are very C++ centric. Using another language inevitably involves writing wrappers, cross-compiling down to VMs, and possibly (in the case of some console development) it's not allowed by the platform holder (they really don't like people doing JIT compiling, for a start).

7 :: Tell us what Are The Models Used To Make Money In Gaming Business?

☛ a) Charge Per Copy
☛ b) Monthly Subscription
☛ c) Micro-transactions
☛ d) Pay-per-Play
☛ e) Ad-based
☛ f) Provider billing
☛ g) Merchandising
☛ h) Code Licensing
☛ i) Sponsorship

8 :: Tell us in Java Game Development What Does The Animation Thread Class Holds?

The animation thread class updates the DrawablePanel for game logic and forces a redraw of the panel. It holds a reference to the Drawable Panel.

9 :: Explain me what Is “onsurfacecreated” In Android Game Development?

“OnsurfaceCreated” is called every time the drawing surface is created. This can happen when the application starts or when it becomes active after being sent to the background or when the orientation changes. After a context loss, all these events are triggered, so every asset will be lost and have to be recreated. All assets and application objects should be recreated at this place.

10 :: Tell us what Are The Common Errors Done By Programmer While Programming?

The common errors done by programmer while programming is
☛ a) Undeclared Variables
☛ b) Uninitialized Variables
☛ c) Setting a variable to an uninitialized value
☛ d) Checking equality using single equal sign
☛ e) Undeclared functions
☛ f) Extra Semicolons
☛ g) Overstepping array boundaries
☛ h) Misusing the && and l l Operators