Microsoft Consultant Interview Preparation Guide
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Microsoft Consultant Frequently Asked Questions in various Microsoft Consultant job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

61 Microsoft Consultant Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what is plug and play?

Plug and Play is a technology wherein hardware components that are installed on PCs using Microsoft operating system are immediately recognized and made usable. This means that the drivers necessary to make it work are already available on the operating system package.

2 :: Explain what is Ribbon?

Ribbon is the term used as a replacement to the menu bar and toolbars in the older Microsoft Office versions. Under the ribbon, file menu items and toolbar buttons were grouped according to their functionality. It made these functions much accessible on the main interface, with the most commonly used buttons being shown instantly.

3 :: Explain me what is APM?

APM, or Advanced Power Management, was developed by Microsoft and Intel as an API. This API is mainly used for power management, and is very useful especially to those using Windows on their laptops or netbooks.

The maximum allowed number of characters is 1024 characters.

4 :: Please explain what is a Hotfix?

Hotfix are files that are distributed by Microsoft Customer Service. These are intended to address issues such as bugs and errors within existing software.

5 :: Tell me what is registry?

Registry is a very important component of the Windows Operating System. It stores important information, such as setup and configuration, installation settings, and user settings.

6 :: Differentiate linked list from arrays?

Arrays can store data in a fix allotted space. The use of linked list allows more flexibility because space is dynamically allocated as needed.

7 :: Tell me what is a symbolic link?

A symbolic link does the same function when compared to a standard shortcut. However, a symbolic link works at the file system level, and therefore doe not leave any physical file name on disk.

8 :: What should I expect in the technical rounds?

Have you had a phone interview yet? This is definitely a question I would ask at the phone interview or initial interview. With the job description mentioning specific programs, I would definitely be familiar with those and able to speak to them as said earlier. Hope this helps!

9 :: Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

Just take the initiative and START. You’ll find it easy to connect the dots. People with similar interests will come up and join in.
Never underestimate yourself. Be confident.

10 :: Tell me what files are important in a bootable Windows XP operating system?

There are four important files in order to make a bootable Windows XP operating system. These are Ntldr, Ntdetect, Boot.ini and Ntfs.sys