Broker Agent Interview Preparation Guide
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Broker Agent based Frequently Asked Questions in various Broker Agent job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

55 Broker Agent Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what is your market share?

More than 70% is a good indicator that you are at a top office.

2 :: Explain me at what commission split will I begin?

Do you offer a graduated commission split that pays me a higher percentage as my production increases?
If so, and say I reach 60%, do I go back to my beginning split at the end of a designated period?
May I have a copy of the commission schedule?

3 :: Tell me what are your office goals?

Do you have expansion, move of office, or growth in your immediate plans?

4 :: Explain will I be able to host open houses for other agents’ listings?

Some brokerages’ associates work together as a team to offer open house hosting opportunities to newer agents in need of buyer leads. See if the company’s agents pull together to provide opportunities like this to newbies.

5 :: Explain what skills do you have?

Even if you have never held a job before, you have skills that could be of use in the real estate industry. Are you good at organization? You will need planning and execution (organization) skills for your appointments and paperwork. Are you skilled at computers and other hardware? That can be a tremendous asset in real estate, as you can rely much information to clients and the office via portable and wireless modems.

What about your business background? Do you have sales, teaching, service or management experience? Any of those are helpful to the real estate business, as you will be teaching your clients about buying and selling, serving their needs, and managing their transaction for them.

What about your personal experience as a homeowner or renter? Can you empathize with people who are first-time homebuyers because of your experiences? What would you do differently? These are important lessons of experience that your future customers will benefit from.

6 :: Explain if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Let's hope the candidate's answer is the city they'll be serving. Agents should be local experts.

7 :: Explain what are you looking for in a brokerage?

This question is meant to see if the agent would be happy at your brokerage.

8 :: Explain why do you want to join ___ brokerage?

The interviewee should have a couple of viable reasons of why they'd like to be apart of your team, such as they enjoy the company culture or they believe their skill set would be beneficial to the brokerage. This would be another opportunity for the interviewee to convince you why they'd be a great fit.

9 :: Tell me how many agents work out of this office?

Camaraderie with other agents is a plus. You will be expected to bring in your own clients and listings, but there is a lot to learn from those around you.

10 :: Please explain the examples of marketing materials available to me?

☛ Announcements
☛ Just listed
☛ Just sold
☛ Just participated in a sale
☛ Door hangers
☛ Free market analysis
☛ Brochure of the company
☛ Company letterhead
☛ Legal size pre-printed shells for my flyers
☛ Letter size, heavy shells for color brochures
☛ Is there a cost to me for this material? If so, how much?
☛ Who pays for the postage? (Bulk and Individual)
☛ Web pages
☛ Prospecting tools