Consultant Marriage Interview Preparation Guide
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Consultant Marriage Frequently Asked Questions in various Marriage Consultant job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

60 Marriage Consultant Questions and Answers:

1 :: Decide what kind of wife you want?

Would a wife who is happy to be a housewife suit you? Do you want a sweet and caring wife who is family oriented, or are you looking for a business women? Do you want a wife with similar interests to you or do you think opposites attract?

2 :: Talk about each others hobbies?

What habits are a turn on and what are a turn off. Many girls say that smoking is a big turn off for them.

3 :: What do the girl and guy talk about, when they meet each other for an arranged marriage?

Most of the people go for arranged marriage. To me, one of the most interesting part of this is: When the girl and guy meet for the first time. This meeting is arranged by their parents. They are left alone to talk for 15-20 minutes. And there they decide whether they like each other or not. If yes, they get married, otherwise they continue looking for another girl/guy.

What do they talk about in those 15 minutes? Any funny, unique and naughty incidences you can share? What was running in your head in those 15 minutes? What did you ask the other person?

4 :: Ask about her choice of clothing?

This question is not too important, but at times it becomes quite relevant. If your family is traditional or conservative and the girl loves western wear, then it might be a little difficult for her and your family to gel well. But, keep an open mind, as either you or the girl might be able to compromise on these things.

5 :: If the wife or husband, for career reasons, wants to post pone starting a family, then it must be discussed and agreed. For how many years?

There must be no pressure from the parents of either side to start a family early.

The filmy dialog where one parent wants them to start a family so that the parent can see his grand child before leaving the world is clich├ęd and irrelevant these days.

6 :: Is height an issue?

Are you a girl who insists on a taller person as your mate?

What if he is just as tall as you, or even a little shorter? If he meets all other criteria, would you reject him?

7 :: Girls often go to the extent of asking how much do you earn?

Reply if it is fixed salary or profit percentage. Explain if you are not salaried people. You could be profit oriented. A business family is driven for profits and if it makes losses then it will pledge all its assets to make sure that family name doesn't get spoiled and salary is paid to employees first.

8 :: Remember to read the bio data two or three times before meeting the your potential wife?

The bio data should spark some ideas of what you can ask your possible life partner about. For example you can ask, "What do you like about your hobby?" Or, you can say, "Oh, you like cooking and traveling - so do I!".

9 :: If the partners are from different communities and have different food habits (say one is a vegetarian and the other is a non vegetarian), can either party retain his / her food habits or does one of them give up and become like the other. If so who?

(Stupid question, I guess!) Can the wife cook non-veg food in her own kitchen when her vegetarian in laws come visiting? Will the children be brought up as veg or non-veg?

10 :: Shocking as this may seem, some girls just don't want a mother in law?

If you are such a girl, it may be an advantage to look for a boy whose mother is already dead! The traditional hostility between mother in law and daughter in law and anticipated problems from a mother in law, have been so effectively drilled into the minds of some girls, that they feel safer if the problem is avoided right in the beginning. I don't endorse this attitude of course, but if this virus has already crept into a young girls mind, she is better off discreetly making this check and avoiding a future problem.