International Business Consultant Interview Preparation Guide
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International Business Consultant related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as International Business Consultant. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

81 International Business Consultant Questions and Answers:

1 :: Please explain Use Case Model?

Use case model shows sequence of events and stream of actions regarding any process performed by an actor.

2 :: Tell me in your previous experience, what kind of documents you have created?

I have worked on, Functional Specification Documents, Technical Specification Documents, Business Requirements Documents, Use Case Diagram etc.

3 :: Explain Application Usability?

Application usability is actually the quality of the system that makes the system useful for its end users. System's usability is good if it is capable of achieving users' goals. Personas are basically social roles, performed by any actor or character. It is derived from a Latin word meaning character. In marketing terminology, it represents group of customers/end users.

4 :: Tell me what is SQUARE stands for?

SQUARE stands for Security Quality Requirements Engineering. It is one of the software engineering steps that mainly focus on documenting the security requirements of the system.

5 :: Explain me have you ever used Kano Analysis in your previous jobs and how do you define it?

Yes, I have used Kano Analysis in one of my previous jobs. Kano Analysis is used to analyze a system in terms of its requirements to identify its impact on customers' satisfaction.

6 :: Tell me how can you differentiate between pool and swimlane?

A swimlane is related to group activities on an activity diagram while a pool is dedicated activity to a single person.

7 :: Please explain Agile?

Agile is basically a technique that uses several light-weight methodologies such as Rapid Application Development (RAD), Extreme Programming (XP) and SCRUM. All these methodologies focus on the development of iterative solutions.

8 :: Explain me a time when you have been part of a team. Describe challenges you faced as being part of that team. Have you ever challenged a leader/boss, whether at college or in previous work experience?

Similar to the previous question, firms want to recruit future leaders, but they also want to hire good team players, so there will also be questions around how you act in a team environment (remember, all Management Consulting projects are done in teams).
You need to draw on your experiences and have prepared a couple of solid team examples and also examples of issues you faced and how you dealt with them as a team player. Showing solid initiative is also evidence of leadership; knowing how to navigate a difficult situation in a team dynamic will earn you big-time points with the interviewer.

9 :: Tell me what are your main strengths? What kind of “strengths” feedback have you received from previous job reviews?

Be prepared with an answer that uses examples from your previous work and educational experiences to highlight your strengths. Be specific. This is a question you should be able to respond to automatically and flawlessly.

10 :: Tell me what are your thoughts on ethics in business?

For this question, in a Management Consulting interview, there is no grey area in your response to this question. You believe integrity is important and that business people should go out of their way to avoid any questionable situations.
You also could suggest that maintaining client confidentiality and prioritizing the needs of the client are highly valuable and necessary priorities for any successful businessperson—especially a Consultant. (For Consulting firms, these attributes are critical to their business.)