Intel 8085 Interview Preparation Guide
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Intel 8085 Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Intel 8085 is an 8-bit microprocessor introduced by Intel in 1977. It was binary-compatible with the more-famous Intel 8080 but required less supporting hardware, thus allowing simpler and less expensive microcomputer systems to be built. So learn more about Intel 8085 with the help of this Intel 8085 Interview Questions with Answers guide and get preparation for hardware based

39 8085 Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the difference between , page directive include, action tag include?

One difference is while using the include page directive, in translation time it is creating two servelts.

But, while using the include action tag, in translation time it is creating only one servlet.

2 :: Have you used threads in Servelet?

Yes, single thread module

3 :: IBM Interview Questions in Bangalore?

1.What is single inheritance.
ans:one class is inherited by only other one class
2.What is multiple inheritance.
ans:One class inheriting more than one class at atime.
3.Can java support multiple inheritance.
4.what is interface?
ans:Interface has only method declarations but no defn
5.What is differenec between abstract class and interface?
ans:In abstract class some methods may contain definition,but in interface every method should be abstract.
6.How to you prove that abstrace class cannot instantiate directly?
ans:As they dont have constructor they cant be instantiated
7.What is differenece between string and stringbuffer?
ans:Strings are immutable where as string buffer can be modified.
8.What is immutable?
ans:Which cant be changed
9.What is main difference hashmap and hastable?
ans:Hash table is synchronised
10.What is main difference between array list and vector?
ans:Vector is synchronised
11.What is struts framework?
ans:It follows MVC architecture which is used for seperating view,controller,model
12.What is main difference between jsp and servlets.
ans:Jsp s are mainly used for dynamic presenatations where we can write code of design and actual content seperately.mainly coding becomes feasible
13.What is difference between procedure and functions?
ans:Fuctions can return value ,procedures cant return value
14.What is jdbc?
ans:Connecting to DB from java program requires JDBC
15.What are type of drivers?
java suports multithreading

4 :: Difference between Java Beans & Servlets?

java bean is a reusable component,where as the servlet is the java program which extends the server capability.

5 :: Just by seeing the signature of the bean how can you specify whether it is a Stateful or Stateless Session Bean?

The create method in a stateless session bean cannot have arguments, and can only have a single method called create(). While create in Stateful bean can have arguments and could be any method starting with create string eg. create<method>(arg1, arg2,...). Although it is not compiler checked but in stateless bean the ejbPassivate() and ejbActivate() methods has to be empty as these functions are never called by EJB container. As conceptually in stateful session bean we might need to store the clients information hence arguments in create<method> are necessary. While in stateless bean we don't, hence no arguments are necessary. It's intutive isn't. I my life I haven't seen such a futuristic server programming tool as EJB.

6 :: What is the purpose of reserved word using in C#?

A keyword that specifies that types in a particular namespace can be referred to without requiring their full qualified type names.

'using' reserved word always come with namespaces. eg. using systems so because of this useful classes supplied by Microsoft which are contained by System namespace are availble for user.

7 :: What are the minimal cost and minimal risksolution?

In binary representation there are some states that are believed to be never occurred due to some particular functionality of a given circuit. If zero output is assigned to such states then it is called minimal risk solution as we are resetting the formidable states which could be occurred accidentally. Another approach is to assigned a don?t care to them so it results in lesser logic and hence is called minimal cost solution.

9 :: Name of at least ten software companies


10 :: How do you make programs portable on unix and Dos under such circumstances?

constructors are invoked themself when the object is created for a class.there may be any number of constructors which differ by the arguments passed.the distructors are called by us to distroy the constructors.but there is only one distructor.