Mostly Asked Citrix Interview Preparation Guide
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Citrix job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Citrix frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

27 Citrix Questions and Answers:

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Mostly Asked  Citrix Job Interview Questions and Answers
Mostly Asked Citrix Job Interview Questions and Answers

2 :: What are the steps to clearing xenserver cache?

Dnscmd ServerName /clearcache

3 :: Can you please explain what are the effective uses of Citrix?

- Users can gain access to remote systems by configuring dial up settings.

- Users can backup data on the remote drive from their workstations.

- Microsoft Outlook accessibility is faster for dialup users

- Cloud computing is made effective using Citrix

- Allows maintaining virtualization to manage virtual data centers and maintain virtual work styles.

4 :: Please tell us what is the need of Data Store?

- Data Store is a database which contains all the configuration information required by the Citrix Farm.

- Changes can be made at any time to the Meta Frame Server.

- These changes are persisted in the Data Store.

- Data store will store the following information:

1. Server Configuration.
2. User Configuration.
3. Print Environment.
4. Published Application

5 :: Do you know how does Citrix work?

- To work with Citrix, install the Terminal Services of OS.

- Citrix allows multiple users to execute multiple applications on its server.

- At the time of running the applications, the screen shots are sent to the client system.

- The keyboard inputs and mouse movements are sent to the Citrix Server.

- Then the accessibility to the applications is done by client.

- Citrix will back up the applications’ data, if required by the client.

6 :: Can you please explain what are the ports associated with Citrix services?

- Default ICA port is A: 1494.

- Default listening port for Citrix XML Service is 80.

- ICA : 1494.

- UDP port used for client broadcasting is 1604.

- IMA port numbers are 2512, 2513.

- CMC, SSL port number is 443.

- Server to SQL port is 1433.

- Port for Session Reliability is 2598.

- Port number for licensing is 27000.

7 :: Can you explain what is Local Host Cache (LHC) and what is the purpose of LHC?

- The LHC is a name given to the MS Access database which is created on every local MPS server.

- It stores the partitions of the Data Store to keep the server function, when an outrage occurs.

- When the data store goes offline, the server will continue functioning normally

- The LHC database enables the data store functionality up to 48 hours.

- LHC will ensure the data accessibility that is pertinent locally, even though the database is not available.

8 :: Do you know what is Citrix?

- Citrix is an application deployment system.

- Applications are delivered to remote systems.

- Using Citrix, one can access the customized applications.

- Citrix allows users to share documents among users.

- Emails can be accessed using citrix.

- Citrix allows file transfer from home computer to office computer.

9 :: Tell us what is the purpose of Zones?

- Data collector persist information about user’s session, Zones and published applications.

- A farm has subset known as Zone.

- Zone has various server members.

- One of the server members is Zone Data Collector.

- Communications is established among Zones using ZDCs.

- Zones are useful in traffic controlling.

10 :: Please tell us what are the services provided by Citrix?

The services that are provided by Citrix are:

- Citrix Virtual Memory Optimization Service.

- Encryption Service.

- Citrix XTE Service.

- Independent Management Architecture.

- Citrix SMA Service (Switch Monitoring and Accessories).

- Secure Gateway Service.

- Diagnostic Facility Common Object Model (COM) Service.

11 :: Tell me what is the use of Independent Management Architecture?

- IMA has a data store, a database to store MetaFrame XP configuration information.

- IMA has a protocol, to transfer the changing data between MetaFrame XP servers including server load and current user connections.

- IMA verifies the connections between Citrix Presentation Server and Citrix Management Console.

- Its architecture is separated from Windows Management Architecture.

- IMA is linked with Meta Frame Common Object Model (MF-COM) services.

- These links enables to remove individual servers from Citrix Management Console.

12 :: How to remove a dead server from the Citrix Management Console?

- Execute the DSVERIFY SERVERS /CLEAN /FORCE for optimizing the Data Store.

- DSVerify can run on any of the server in the farm.

- MetaFrame feature release 3 has a command line tool known as DSCHECK.

- Use the following command using DSVerify command line tool:

- Or right click on the ‘server in the farm’ and click ‘Remove Server from Farm’.

- Use this option when the servers no longer operational.

13 :: Can you please explain what is shadowing?

- The Shadowing feature enables one user to join remotely to another user.

- One user can access the session of another user remotely.
By joining remotely, the user accessing another user, can diagnose or take technical support from the other user.

14 :: Please explain XML Service of Citrix?

- An interface for HTTP is provided as a service to the ICA browser.

- TCP packets are used by this XML Service.

- TCP in XML Service allows to work across many firewalls.

- The port that supports Citrix XML Service is 80.

15 :: Please tell me what is load balancing in Citrix?

- Load balancing is a feature that distributes client requests across servers for optimum utilization of the resources.

- In a real-time scenario, the services are provided to large number of clients from a limited number of servers.

- To reduce the load on servers, the system selects certain servers.

- These servers implements certain criteria to forward incoming requests.

- There are virtual servers that identifies the server using the load balancing criteria.

- When the client connects to the server, the virtual sersver terminates the connection and initiates a new connection with the selected server.

- The load balancing feature manages the traffic from layer 4 (TCP / UDP) to layer 7(FTP,HTTP)

16 :: Tell me what is Speed Screen Latency Reduction?

- SLR is built into MetaFrame Presentation servers and ICA client systems that provides users to experience smooth typing, where the latency is high between ICA client and the server.

- Smooth typing experience is provided while writing MS Word document, where the latency is 200 / 500 or even 1000ms of latency between them.

- Speed Screen Latency Reduction provides local text echo.

- This allows characters to be appeared on the ICA client device screen.

- After pressing a key, the ICA client sends the key press code to the server.

- The server processes the key sent, places the character into the screen buffer.

- Finally it sends the latest screen image to the client device.

17 :: Do you have any idea about Citrix XML broker?

- It functions as an intermediary between the farm and Web Interface.

- XML Broker receives the credentials of user from the Web Interface.

- XML Broker retrieves the applications which have user permissions to access.

- This is done by Independent Management Architecture and returns to the Web Interface.

- Once the user is authenticated, the XML broker locates the server in the farm.

- XML Broker returns the address of the service rendering server to the Web Interface.

- XMS Service functions between Web Interface and IMA service.

18 :: Do you know how to implement policies to streamed applications?

- Open the application profile with Streaming Profiler.

- Move to Target and click on Edit->Target Properties.

- Move to Rules Tab.

- Add an Ignore Registry rule that is similar to the description I CTX10352.

- The GPO’s of the domain will be applied.

- Customize GPO configuration.

19 :: Can you please explain how to see the LHC information?

- The LHC information is available in the file imalhc.mdb.
- This file is available in c:\program files\citrix\independent management architecture\ directory

20 :: Tell me how to set the refresh time?

- User the option "dsmaint recreatelhc" or "dsmaint refreshlhc" -> restart IMA.

21 :: Do you know what is the limit of refresh time for Local Host Cache in Citrix?

- LHC refresh time is 30 minutes.
- LHC can be created when IMA is stopped.

22 :: Can you explain what are the differences between ICA and RDP?

ICA – Independent Computing Architecture:

- Application publishing is supported by ICA.

- Low bandwidth is sufficient for ICA.

- Encryption is possible I ICA.

- Keyboard and Mouse inputs are present in ICA.

- ICA ensures session reliability.

RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol:

- RDP works only under TCP/IP.

- RDP does not support applications to run in a browser.

- Session reliability is not ensured by RDP.

23 :: Do you have any idea ICA file in Citrix?

- ICA stands for Independent Computing Architecture.

- It contains published application information.

- ICA file has Windows ‘ini’ format.

- It is organized in such a way that MetaFrame Presentation Server Clients can interpret.

- ICA file will initialize a client’s session running on the server.

- The MetaFrame Presentation Server‘s clients uses the ICA protocol for input formats and addresses the input to the server for further processing.

24 :: Explain the load evaluators are supported in Citrix?

- CPU Utilization

- Memory Utilization

- IP Range

- Page Swap

- Page Faults

- Disk Data I/O

- Context Switches

- Scheduling

- User Application Load

- Server Application Load

25 :: What is Citrix Access Gateway?

- CAG is a universal Secured Socket Layer Virtual Private Network appliance.

- It is a blend of best features of IPSec and SSL VPN.

- It allows easy access to the users and secure access to company.

- Any information resource can be gained by using CAG with secure, single point access, always-on features.

- Any firewall is supported for Citrix Access Gateway.

- Supports various types of applications, including IP telephony.

- Any application that is hosted on Citrix Presentation Server can be accessed in a secured manner.
Citrix Interview Questions and Answers
27 Citrix Interview Questions and Answers