Operational Virtualization Interview Preparation Guide
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8 Computer Virtualization Questions and Answers:

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Operational  Computer Virtualization Job Interview Questions and Answers
Operational Computer Virtualization Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: What is desktop virtualization?

Desktop virtualization is the concept of separating the logical desktop from the physical machine.

One form of desktop virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI), can be thought as a more advanced form of hardware virtualization. Rather than interacting with a host computer directly via a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, the user interacts with the host computer using another desktop computer or a mobile device by means of a network connection, such as a LAN, Wireless LAN or even the Internet. In addition, the host computer in this scenario becomes a server computer capable of hosting multiple virtual machines at the same time for multiple users.

2 :: What is application virtualization?

Application service virtualization or application virtualization is layered on top of other virtualization technologies, such as storage virtualization or machine virtualization to allow computing resources to be distributed dynamically in real time. In standard computing, applications install their settings onto the host operating system, hard-coding the entire system to fit that application's needs. With application virtualization, each application brings down its own set of configurations on-demand, and executes in a way so that it sees only its own settings. This leaves the host operating system and existing settings unaltered.

3 :: What is teleportation?

The snapshots described above can be moved to another host machine with its own hypervisor; when the VM is temporarily stopped, snapshotted, moved, and then resumed on the new host, this is known as teleportation or migration. If the older snapshots are kept in sync regularly, this operation can be quite fast, and allow the VM to provide uninterrupted service while its prior physical host is, for example, taken down for physical maintenance.

4 :: What is network virtualization?

Network virtualization is using network resources through a logical segmentation of a single physical network.

5 :: What is operating system-level virtualization?

Operating system-level virtualization is a type of server virtualization technology which works at the operating system (kernel) layer.

6 :: What is server virtualization?

Server virtualization is the partitioning a physical server into smaller virtual servers.

7 :: What is storage virtualization?

Storage virtualization is the amalgamation of multiple network storage devices into what appears to be a single storage unit.

8 :: What is virtualization?

In computing, virtualization means to create a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server, storage device, network or even an operating system where the framework divides the resource into one or more execution environments. Even something as simple as partitioning a hard drive is considered virtualization because you take one drive and partition it to create two separate hard drives. Devices, applications and human users are able to interact with the virtual resource as if it were a real single logical resource. The term virtualization has become somewhat of a buzzword, and as a result the term is now associated with a number of computing technologies
Computer Virtualization Interview Questions and Answers
8 Computer Virtualization Interview Questions and Answers