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22 Analysis Services Questions and Answers:

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Essential  Analysis Services Job Interview Questions and Answers
Essential Analysis Services Job Interview Questions and Answers

2 :: Explain the difference between analysis and synthesis?

Please share your answers.

6 :: How To evaluate a software?

Please share your answers.

7 :: Explain two reasons why feeding data into OLAP system directly from the source operational system is not recommended?

Business Users needed to build queries that summarized the data and fed management reports. Such queries, were extremely slow because they usually summarize large amounts of data, while sharing the database engine with every day operations,
which in turn adversely affected the performance of operational systems.
Delay in strategic planning of the enterprise.

The solution was, therefore, to separate the data used for reporting and decision
making from the operational systems. Hence, data warehouses were designed and built to house this kind of data so that it can be used later in the strategic planning of the enterprise.

8 :: Explain ATM Security level?

I noticed 3 things going wrong in this portal

1. The answers seen are the same as of the first (Example: Security level tracking for the ATM).

2. People drop there answers and really speaking if some picks the same answers and deliver it to the others it really creates a great impact on his carrier so kindly be sure when you answer any question.

3. The apprising part by few people for the above example a lady has given the test cases in fact the scenarios at functional level and was appraised by 3 people as great answer as there is hell lot of different in scripting a security level testing and the functional testing.

12 :: Explain Business Analysis Terms:

If you switch to code view while building your package object you can modify the MDX and add the non empty reserve word/function.

16 :: Explain what are the main important differences between olap and oltp?

olap:online analytical processing is that which describes procesing at warehouses.
oltp:online transactional processing is that which describes at the operational sites..
oltp olap
1.Mb-tb of data of data
2.mostly updates 2.mostly reads
3.many small transactions 3.summerized and consolidated data
4.raw data which is updated frequently 4.users are decision makers and analyts
5.consistency recoverability is critical
6.clerical users

18 :: What is Re-engineering of an organization?

Reengineering is a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, speed, and service, this is the same process while Re-engineering an Organization.

19 :: What is difference in DSS and OLTP?

The DSS is (Decision Support System) used for the decision making purposes, not for day-2 day the top level/ sr/middle level managments people in a established company.

but the OLTP SYSTEMS handles the day-day transactions, data entries, billing etc issues .

The DSS WILL be handled by only a few users , especially

top poeple in the corporate ladder hence The number of users who are making use of DSS are less.

but in OLTP(ONLINE TRANSACTION PROCESSING) the number of the users are high, since no such kind of decision making is entailed.

20 :: Tell Me what is the difference between Business Requirement Document and Use case Document. What is the difference?

BRD Describes the business information of the client.once we are clear abt BRD of the client then only we can create more acurate solutions.this is the initial document that helps to create Business models in Cognos and ReportNet.Actually this information we are getting by KT(Knowledge Transfer) session.

Usecase Document helps to create test case document during unit testing ,actually use case document contains testcase id and i/p values that should use during testing , we are using this id only in Test case document instead of specifying all these i/p values and some other ,that id itself describing all we can say use case is the foundation document for test case document.

22 :: Tell Me which are the OLAP tools available that are supported by Oracle?

Supported by Oracle not owned well Cognos, Microstrategies, Business Objects and they have Hyperion Essbase 9 & 11, plus Oracle reports, Discover plus... their new version is packaged as a BI suite I forget the acronym they seem to change it daily :) Oh essbase supports MDX but doesn't generate MDX code like MS report services does
Analysis Services Interview Questions and Answers
22 Analysis Services Interview Questions and Answers