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When I start XL, I get the error message Compile error in Hidden Module?

MS Excel Interview Question
MS Excel Interview Question


An add-in with a programming error is causing problems.

1. Choose Tools > Add-ins
2. Note which are checked
3. Uncheck all (but one)
4. Restart XL
5. If no error, check the next one and repeat from step 4

Got the error? Uncheck the one you last checked. If no luck, see if there's an .xla file in the startup directory (see previous tip). Scanner software typically place itself there, sometimes with code errors like the one in question.

Not an add-in? It will be a hidden workbook then.

1. Try (in Excel) Windows, Unhide and write down which files are listed.
2. Unhide them.
3. Now go to the VBE (press Alt + F11).
4. On the left side there should be the project explorer.
5. Select the first project you unhid
6. From the menu choose Debug, compile
7. No Errors? Select the next project listed, repeat 6.

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