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Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultant Based Interview Questions:


► Take me through your non-obstetric and obstetric experience as a registrar.
► How will you improve teaching in this hospital?
► How do you deal with complaints?
► What new things can you bring to obstetrics?
► How do you make others know that you have seen a patient in the high risk pregnancy assessment unit?
► How could you improve our low labour epidural rate? What are the implications on training?
► What are the alternate ways to improve training?
► Can you tell me of recent advances in epidurals?
► What are your plans for for the future development of this unit?
► There are two hospitals under this trust. We will soon merge onto a single site. Can you tell me what this means in terms of clinical governance?
► Can you tell me of any clinical governance issue in your hospital, in which you got involved?
► Give me an example of a situation where you got involved in risk management.
► What is lacking in your training?
► What is your main strength?

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